Mbah Jingkrak (Setiabudi)

By Tibs
Mbah Jingrak is a Sundanese restaurant in Setiabudi, famous for its surrealistic decoration and its extremely spicy "Sambal Iblis". If you are an expat, this is the kind of place you want to bring your visiting friends and family to impress them. It is an unusual venue, a little hidden, yet with quality food and service.

Due to weak resistance to hot food, I could not enjoy most of the dishes and I had to rely on my Indonesian friends for this review. Generally speaking, Mbah Jinggrak seems to serve the kind of food you could find in many higher-end warungs, without anything exceptional except their sambal (spicy sauce). The quality according to them is similar to that of Bumbu Desa or Java Wok.
The prices are about 25% higher though (read the menu here), so you should spend around Rp60,000 per person for a full meal excluding drinks. It is still cheap considering the setting. Everyone at my table intended to come back, and I share the same feelings: I strongly recommend Mbah Jingkrak to the all the readers of this blog.

There is also an interesting program of live Javanese traditional music (Sulap and Keroncong). You can check it here: Events Mbah Jingkrak

Note: One of my friends was sick the whole day after trying the Sambal Iblis, be careful with it...
Opening Hours:
Open everyday from 11am to 11pm.
Reservation is highly recommended, Mbah Jingrak is always full.

Mbah Jingkrak Jakarta
Jl. Setiabudi Tengah No. 11
Setiabudi - Jakarta 12910

Mobile. +62 21 818 072 09 848
Phone number: +62-21 525 2605
Fax: +62-21 5290 6544

Facebook: Mbah Jingkrak

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  1. I LOVE IT !!! YSL

  2. You have to get stronger and get used to hot try hot girls! ;-) Jon

  3. It's actually Javanese, not Sundanese :)