It may seem like an obvious thing to say, but if you are looking for the best Chinese food in Jakarta, you should go to its Chinatown, in Glodok.

I had already tried a few weeks ago Hunan Kitchen, and I had promised myself to come back to try some of the other popular Chinese restaurants in that area. Lac Mei Che Huo Kuo is also specializing in Sichuan cuisine, but with a focus on seafood. It was full when I entered, and apparently the customers are mostly Indo-Chinese, from the upper-class.

The main room is pretty basic, just some boring tables and decoration. The only thing you will notice is the aquarium, with live fishes, turtles and some weird, huge oysters I had never seen before.

Unfortunately, I didn't write down the names of the dishes we ordered, and our bill was written in Chinese so I cannot tell you precisely what we ate. There was some sea snails, frog legs, 2 of the big oysters, grilled duck and fried rice. At least I have the pictures:
Grilled duck
Frog legs
Huge, weird oysters
Attack of the sea snails
The total was Rp258k and there was enough to eat for 3 people, including soft drinks. Compared to Hunan Kitchen, the food seemed a little less satisfactory. The frog legs, the duck and the oyster were excellent, but the rice average. Concerning the sea snails, the dish was probably too big. After eating 50 of them, there were still so many, and it became disgusting...

Overall: I still highly recommend Lac Mei Che because they serve authentic, affordable Chinese cuisine. The service was very friendly also: Before ordering, we had the waiter for at least 10 minutes to explain us what the dishes were and he was quite fun to talk to.
Opening Hours:
Daily, from 11am to 4.30am (yes, it's opened until 4h30 in the morning)

Lac Mei Chei Huo Kuo
Jalan Mangga Besar 1 No. 63K
Phone number: +62-21 7078 3892
Mobile: +62 (0) 813 106 35833 or +62 (0) 819 326 12777

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  1. The turtles can be eaten? M. Picpus

  2. The turtles are here to be eaten... i wonder if it's legal though..

  3. Damn, i love exotic chinese cuisine,
    i like hunan style braised soft shell turtle...

  4. The most unique Chinese cuisine in Jakarta. Try it.