La Finestra (Jakarta)

By Jakarta100bars

La Finestra is a casual restaurant with a modern setting and very cheap prices. It sells mostly pasta and American-style pizzas. It is not authentic Italian, even though the Chef is from Italy (in June 2011).

I only tried the pepperoni pizza, so I will keep this review short and I invite you to comment for the other dishes. The pizza cost Rp25k++ for a small one, Rp32k++ for medium, Rp40k++ for the family size. 

Comparing to Trattoria, PEPeNERO, or Fashion Pasta, the pizza in La Finestra is below average. The presentation is nice, but the taste is too dull, probably because the ingredients used were not top-quality. There are no miracles, you get what you pay for. 
Overall: The pizza was not the best I ever had, but I could still come back to La Finestra because it is cheap and still better than Pizza Hut or Warung Pasta. The waiters also were very fast and friendly.

Opening Hours:
Everyday, non-stop from lunch to dinner.

La Finestra
Jalan Tanjung Karang no 5 (opposite Jalan Blora, 300 meters south of Mall Plaza Indonesia)
Jakarta, Indonesia
Phone number: +62-21 392 8992

3 comments to '' La Finestra (Jakarta) "

  1. Doesn't look very busy... Lynett

  2. Hi Lynett, I was there at 4 in the afternoon, and it's normal it is quiet at that time... I don't know if it is more popular during lunch or dinner time..

  3. the one in central park was just absolute plain nightmare.
    the cashier was very very rude that i could slap her in the face, the food came up S L O W beyond belief. the place was really hot too.
    never ever ever again