The Koreana (Korean food)

By Jakarta100bars
The Koreana is a Korean restaurant located just behing Grand Indonesia Mall, in Central Jakarta. It is within walking distance of Plaza Indonesia, Hotel Kempiski, Hotel Hyatt and Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

We visited Koreana on a Saturday afternoon. It was empty, but this is not surprising considering it was 4pm.

The restaurant looks functional, with barely any decoration. It doesn't feel like the place you want to bring a date, or where you would hangout all afternoon with your friends. The food was good though.

I didn't go to enough Korean restaurants in Jakarta to make a comparison yet, but it seemed to me that the prices are on the high side. We ordered the Dubu Jeongol (Rp200,000++), which was big enough for 2 people. The dish is a casserole with various vegetables, fresh tofu and minced beef. Here is a picture:
Dubu Jeongol (Rp200,000++)
I don't feel that this dish was too difficult to prepare, since all you need is fresh, quality ingredients. What we ate was simple, but it was delicous and healthy. It is nice once in a while to eat food that has not been fried...

Overall: Though they could make an effort to make their restaurant look more welcoming, Koreana has an efficient service and excellent food. I recommend it.
Opening Hours:
Everyday from 11am to 10pm

The Koreana International Restaurant
Jalan Teluk Betung No. 34
Central Jakarta

Phone number: +62-21 390 4085 or +62-21 390 4568
HP: +62 (0) 8 15 1152 7017

6 comments to '' The Koreana (Korean food) "

  1. For God sake can't they changed the floor and furnitures?! 1980s are over! Looks depressing and old and not very lightful... Yeah 7/10 because of the fresh food.. MC

  2. The best Korean restaurant in Jakarta is ironically a North Korean restaurant called "Pyong Yang Gwan" near Gandaria City. If you visit around 8pm you will be able to see some Karaoke performances which is quite interesting. And hey when do you get to see actual North Koreans in your lifetime? It's definitely worth the trip! :)

  3. Thanks for the tip Kevin, I will check the place for sure and post a blog review soon.. Cheers, Thibaud

  4. Koreana restaurant is closed now 2014/04

  5. Koreana restaurant moved to Jalan Veteran. Ph and Hp number is same.

  6. I was in Jalan Veteran today. It was closed and looked like it was not only closed for today...