Kamseng restaurant is the equivalent in North Jakarta of Dim Sum Festival in the South: Opened 24 hours, it is filled with party-goers and clubbers from nearby entertainment venues. My boss once told me about a place near Hayam Wuruk nicknamed the "wh*res' porridge", and now I think he was talking about Kamseng. If you go there late, you'll understand why.

After trying a few restaurants in the area, namely Hunan Kitchen and Lac Mei Che, I had high expectations, but what I tried there was nothing more than a busy warung serving cheap, yet average food.
Kamseng has a lot of waiters, but it is so busy you could get more attention in a McDonald's during rush hour. If you are looking for a nice, quiet dinner, this is not the place.
The menu is quite small, with mainly rice porridge dishes, also called congee (bubur in Indonesian). I tried the pork porridge, and I didn't find anything special compared to what you can get in the street. Apart from the 24h opening hours, I don't think there are other reasons you should come here.

Bubur Pitan Daging Babi (Rp22,000++)
Overall: Disappointing experience, I won't come back except after clubbing in the area.
Opening Hours:
Everyday, 24h/24H

Kamseng Chinese Restaurant
Jalan Mangga Besar I no.26
Phone number: +62-21 649 2319

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6 comments to '' Kamseng (24h Chinese Restaurant) "

  1. Yes this restaurant is well known to be the "prostitutes meeting point"... After one or two hours "doing" expats they go there to have a soup... Quite a sad place actually and as you said better service in MacDo... A fan from Balikpapan

  2. Well, I think you don't eat it right though. There are many side dishes available there and the porridge is made to be eaten with those side dishes since it was so plain. So yeah, try again next time but with more side dishes on your table. Try the pig's ear..my personal favourite.. :) cheers !

  3. you should come back again and try bubur tiga rasa, i think thats the best taste compare all...

  4. this is the real "bubur pelacur" or where is "bubur pelacur located??? Thanks

  5. actually eating here after clubbing will make you sober enough to drive back home :p and I dont think the taste is that bad. Try to eat the porridge with "cakue" and "telor pitan" and some vegetable choice. yummy! But for much better taste of chinese porridge, try Kwang Tung at Pecenongan road

  6. Well... You should try Chinese porridge at senen market. Located near pork area. Make sure you get there before 8 am. Without many side dishes, you'll taste a bowl of delicious porridge. Very recomended, I promise :D