Hunan Kitchen (Chinese food)

By Jakarta100bars
Hunan Kitchen is one of the best value-for-money Chinese restaurants I found so far in Jakarta. It specializes in Sichuan cuisine, best known for its use of spices, herbs and plants.

Located in Glodok, Jakarta's Chinatown, in a gloomy street full of massage parlours, bars and karaokes, it is also walking distance from Jayakarta Hotel and Hotel Mercure Kota. It is quite authentic I thought. Actually, there are a few other Chinese restaurants in the area, and after my positive experience in Hunan Kitchen, I intend to come back and try some of them.

Hunan Kitchen looks new from the outside, and it seems quite popular with the Indo-Chinese community. Inside, there isn't anything fancy, but it is clean. You also have an army of waiters, efficient and friendly.

The menu contains a great variety of dishes, and you would have to be very picky if you don't find something you like. Apart from the usual dishes made of chicken, beef, pork, fish or duck, you also have turtles, jellyfish, frogs, etc... We decided to try a few things:
Angsio Bebek Xiang Xi (Rp88k): A full duck red-cooked in a pot with spices
Ubur-Ubur Saus Pedas (Rp29k): Jellyfish in spicy sauce
Tumis Kodok Kuali (Rp49k): Stir-fried frog legs
Sayur Lokal Baby Kailan (Rp27k): Baby Chinese brocoli (Kai-lan) pan-fried
We were all extremely satisfied with our food, which is very rare. I am normally not a fan of spicy dishes, and it was the first time I tried jellyfish or frog legs, but the cooking was so great that we finished everything up in no time. This restaurant is a top address in Jakarta.
Overall: Hunan Kitchen serves authentic Chinese food at a very moderate price (less than Rp100k for a meal including drinks). It is recommended for anyone interested in the food more than the atmosphere. For clubbers, it stays open until late (4am), so you can visit it just before you go to home.

Opening Hours:
Everyday from 11am to 4am

Hunan Kitchen
Jalan Mangga Besar 1 St. No. 61 (crossing with Jalan Labu)
Mangga Besar Village, Taman Sari District, Jakarta

Phone number: +62-21 6252666

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  1. I've visited your blog so many time, and never feel bored. So interesting! Good Job..^^

    CMIIW, but IMHO Hunan Kitchen didn't do Szechuan cuisine. Hunan kitchen presenting Hunan cuisine, which has some basic difference with Szechuan. If Szechuan cuisine makes your tongue numb bcoz of the spicy, Hunan cuisine spiciness makes you sweat. Hunan and Szechuan are different ethnic too, just like "jawa" and "sunda". CMIIW..

  2. maybe similiar with little Sheep @ Mediteranian Apartment Gajah Mada

  3. little is a shabu2 house, It's not the same

  4. highly recommend - great authentic food reasonably priced

  5. preety cheap and superbly succulent froggie