Guitar String (G-String) - CLOSED

By Jakarta100bars
Update October 2011: CLOSED

Guitar String (or G-String) is a girlie/live music bar on Jalan Falatehan (Blok M). I find it one of the nicest joints on the street, even though it isn't so crowded. They have live music everyday, with a mix of Top 40, classic rock and Indonesian pop songs. If the customers feel like it, they can make a song request and take the mic. Cheap (Rp30,000++ for draught beer), laid-back, and the waitresses are really friendly. I have a video of the live band on Guitar String on Youtube:
They also have a dozens girls waiting for customers. Few expats.
Guitar String Bar & Resto
Jalan Palatehan I No. 37
Blok M - Jakarta Selatan
Phone number: +62-21 727 97078 / 7131 / 7237
Fax: +62-21 7220 347

Facebook: G-String Bar Jakarta

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3 comments to '' Guitar String (G-String) - CLOSED "

  1. Extra-friendly waitresses?
    I can't imagine what it can be by Indonesian standards...

  2. Unfortunately, this bar is closed (2011/09)

  3. Sad to know that G-string has closed their door (again)...
    I was one of their loyal costumer 3 years ago..., I always visit alone, and chat with waitresses. I'm 100% local, not bule, but they have been friendly and served me well (waitress in Top Gun have bad attitude to local costumer). It also not crowded as Top Gun, so I can watch live music with comfort. I knew G-String has changing its owner several times, hope its future owner will promote it well. Such a nice place, sad to see it closed.