The Goods café is a restaurant in Plaza Indonesia, inside the trendy department store The Goods. They serve mostly snacks and American food, with a few asian favourites such as the Nasi Goreng.

The restaurant looks a lot like other venues you may find in malls in Jakarta, and in particular Social House, which is also part of a store, Harvey Nichols. It is designed with simplicity to make it resemble a sort of warehouse, with cement on the floor, no proper ceiling and shared tables.

I had two pleasant surprises with this place: Firstly, while it remains expensive, it is more affordable than nearby venues with similar food (Kitchenette, Bistro Baron). Secondly, the food is quite tasty and worth what you pay for it.

We had the Steak-frites (Australian rib-eye, handcut fries, Béarnaise sauce, Rp130k++) and the Grilled Chicken Sandwich (spicy Tartar, Rosemary shoestring potatoes, ciabatta, Rp55k++).
Steak Frites (Rp130,000++)
Grilled Chicken Sandwich (Rp55,000++)
The meat of the steak was decent, though you can get much better value elsewhere in Jakarta (try Super Steak). The sandwich was excellent, with real, crusty bread, fresh lettuce and a creamy sauce. The accompanying tiny french fries were not really necessary, but it made the whole dish look singular.

Overall: The Goods café is perfect for a snack or a short meal while you are shopping in Plaza Indonesia. I wouldn't advise to have a formal dinner there though because the choice of food is limited. The Goods is also a cool store with a lot of original and creative clothes, you should take a few minutes to visit it.
Opening Hours:
Everyday, from 10am to 10pm

The Goods Cafe
Plaza Indonesia Extension L4 # 14
Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav 28-30, Jakarta 10350

Phone number: +62 21 29923628
Facebook: The Goods Department Store

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  1. You're doing an amazing job here! Keep on posting!

  2. yes ! really enjoy the review.

  3. hi thank"s for all u did to us ,I"m going to surabaya after 3week"s can u tell me what good places I should visit and night life to pl"s thank:s

  4. you should try the eggs benedict on brunch time and the coffee rub burger! two of my favourites. their baileys milkshake is also popular.