Emilie is among the most famous French fine-dining restaurants in Jakarta. It is currently headed by Mickael Robin, who previously worked as Chef de Partie in the Michelin-starred Espadon in Paris.

I visited Emilie for lunch on a Monday and it was empty. The prices are very high: If you order à la carte, you should pay between Rp100k and Rp250k for an appetizer, and between Rp350k to Rp600k for a main dish. If you include the drinks, you'll end up paying Rp1 million for your meal. I avoided that by taking the lunch set menu: 3 courses for Rp300k++ (2 courses is Rp240k++).

I had the following dishes:
Chicken Liver Terrine with Orange Marmalade
Pan-seared Barramundi with orange and passion fruit hollandaise
Fruit tart
I did not enjoy the terrine: It was too acid, too smooth and to be honest, I forced myself to finish it. The presentation was neat, but clearly, the product used was not the best quality. I know this is not Foie Gras, but still, you can get better stuff in any supermarket in France.

The main course was much better, even though the portion was tiny. This is the kind of dish you expect to eat in a fine-dining restaurant: Perfect cooking, a creative combination of flavours, and an original appearance.

The Fruit Tart was really average: The blueberries, probably frozen, were tasteless, and the custard cream was plain.

Overall: From the small sample of dishes I tried in Emilie, I don't consider it to be one of the best French restaurant in Jakarta. Riva, Amuz and Lyon gave me a much better impression: If you have to try one, choose one of these. In spite of that,  Emilie is excellent when it comes to service, presentation and atmosphere. I just felt that they are not using the best products in their preparations, and this is too bad considering how expensive this restaurant is.
Opening Hours:Everyday from 11.30am to 10.30pm

Emilie Restaurant
Senopati No. 39
South Jakarta
Email: sales@emilierestaurant.com
Phone number: +62-21 521 3626

Website: http://www.emilierestaurant.com/
Facebook: Emilie Jakarta
Twitter: http://twitter.com/Emilie_Jakarta

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  1. Think about to come taste this restaurant, but apparently not so since i read your comment. really thanks for your post. your blog is very help cause i like to haunt good restaurants :)

  2. I visited Emilie in 2009, sounds like it has not change since then. the atmosphere is calm and cozy, the service is excellent, the restaurant itself is a bit secluded eventhough it is in the main road. The price was very expensive (we ordered a la carte) almost 1mio/person but I need to agree the taste was not that "grand" it was okay, it's pretty but beyond expectation. Loved the creme brulee tho

  3. sorry I was wanted to write below, not beyond

  4. It is good, but not great, and bad value-for-money. The food is a bit hit or miss - some dishes they pull off tremendously well, and others remain disappointing. Their meat dishes are great, but the Risottos are better to be avoided. The atmosphere is quite minimalist, but cozy and the service friendly.

    If you have money to blow and a preference for meat dishes, I'd recommend it. For all others it is a bit too pricy not to disappoint.

  5. Chef de partie in a 3 michelin restaurant?? I am sure u can expect much rite???