Café Labu - Vietnam Valley

By Jakarta100bars
Café Labu "Vietnam Valley" is a Vietnamese restaurant in Jalan Labu, right in front of Jayakarta Hotel. On a Saturday night, at 10.30pm, there was only one other table with customers. The waiters were a bit slow and cold at first, but after I started asking questions in Indonesian, they became more friendly and helpful.

Apparently it was not the best time for a visit since many dishes on the menu were not available. They promised us that it if we had come for lunch, we wouldn't have had the same problem. We chose the Duck Spring Rolls (4 for Rp33k), the Phở (beef noodle soup for Rp30k), the Bánh Cuốn (roll with pork for Rp22k), and Fried Rice with Beef (Rp30k). The portions were quite big, I think one appetizer + one dish for one person is too much and it should be shared.

Apart from the beef with rice, for which the meat was not tender at all, all the other dishes tasted good. If I must compare though, Lang Viet restaurant (near Dharmawangsa Square) seems to be a better place for Vietnamese food in Jakarta.
Bánh Cuốn
Duck Spring Rolls
Beef with Fried Rice
Overall: Good value-for-money Vietnamese food, but some improvements could be made regarding the service and the quality of the ingredients used (meat).
Labu Café - Vietnam Valley
Jalan Labu No1. AA
Taman Sari, North Jakarta

Phone number: +62-21 625 1321

3 comments to '' Café Labu - Vietnam Valley "

  1. I went to this restaurant more than ten times
    in the past two years.
    But The quality goes very bad now.
    Not recommend now!

  2. Not many authentic or really really good Vietnamese restaurants here in Jakarta (compared to what they have in USA/Australia), but so far the best one we have is Lang Viet located inside the Grand Wijaya center, just next to Cosmo Japanese supermarket.

    Or you can try Do'An, they just opened in Menteng Central (across from F1 Hotel in Menteng) if you're looking for something more central

  3. tried Vietopia not impressed. bo luc lac had no taste and huge portion even for 2, and the goi cuon looks sloppy. caphe sua da is ok interior and staff are ok.