Bombay Tandoori (Indian food)

By Tibs
Bombay Tandoori is one of the few Indian restaurants I found in Jakarta. It is a modest joint, located on Jalan Satrio (opposite Sampoerna Strategic Square) and could easily be mistaken with a regular warung.

Inside Bombay Tandoori, you have two floors with basic furniture and some kitschy decoration. You could be in India that it wouldn't feel more real. The owners are Indonesian-Indian and on the day we visited, all the customers looked Indian too.

The menu features all the typical Indian dishes, veg and non veg. We tried a few things:
Lamb Bharta (Rp47,5k)
Navratna Korma, (vegetables, nuts, raisin and creamy sauce (Rp30,5k)
Non-veg Thali (Rp35k)
I actually went to India a few years ago, and for me the food in Bombay Tandoori tastes just as good as the one you would get in any restaurant in India. It isn't fine dining nor sophisticated, but if you want to enjoy cheap, authentic Indian cuisine, I strongly recommend you to visit this place. Be careful about the waiting though, the service and cooking can be painfully slow.
Bombay Tandoori Indian Restaurant
Jalan Dr. Satrio No64 A,
Karet Kuningan, Jakarta

Phone number: +62-21 5207 190 / +62-21 7080 2919 / +62-21 7080 3019 / +62-21 9865 2544
Fax: +62-21 7801 677
HP: +62 (0) 8 16 996 183

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10 comments to '' Bombay Tandoori (Indian food) "

  1. Can you actually see the guy cooking or you went in the kitchen? Lynett

  2. I Lived near there, but never thought about eating because there's no one eat in .. maybe i should try it if you give 7 out of 10.

  3. the food's okay, but the waiting time is very long. only go here if you can wait for the food. been here twice and the food's always slow.

  4. Nice place !
    Thank you for the suggestion !
    I had no problem with the waiting time today.

  5. Thanks for the review! Went to India myself a couple of years ago... if you think this is of equal quality then it must be good. Will give it a go one of these days...

  6. After Taj Mahal this place is the cheapest but yes, for wait I was wait almost 1 hr for 2 Dum Biryani n Chicken Curry. When come here make sure u have enough time to spend n not in hurry condition...

  7. Do they provide delivery to apartment and office? pls share their mobile number !

  8. I think it's closed already. Last time I passed by, I saw the banner already gone.

  9. Why?

    Because it was crap. Try the Taj Mahal at Pasar Baru instead if you want decent Indian food in Jakarta without having to re-mortgage your house.