In this article, I will give a short description of restaurants opened non-stop 24 hours in Jakarta. I will update it regularly with new venues I discover.

Late Night Cravings? 24h Fast Food Service Phone numbers:
McDonald's: Call 14045
Burger King: Call 500025
KFC: Call 14022.
Domino's Pizza: Get delivery from their website Domino's Pizza Delivery

It is well-known that Jakarta never sleeps, and this is particularly true in nightlife areas such as Sarinah, Senayan, Kuningan, Hayam Wuruk, Lokasari, or Kemang. If you are clubbing there and feel hungry, you may find the following places open 24h, 7 days a week (click on the link to see the full blog review).

In Kemang: Dim Sum Festival is THE meeting point for everyone once the clubs in the area close. They serve Chinese and Indonesian food at affordable prices, but no alcohol. People in Dim Sum Festival are usually quite young, in their twenties.

Another famous 24-hour restaurant in South Jakarta is Aneka Bubur, near Pondok Indah, on Jalan Radio Dalam Ujung no123 (Phone: +62-21 720 0175). I did not try it yet, but I know it is popular for its "Bubur Ayam". They also have some Pakistani dishes.

Thanks to a comment, we also know that near Pasar Festival in Kuningan, we have Al-Tahrir restaurant and Warung Tekko. On Jalan Blora, Warung Mee is even open 25-hours!

In Central Jakarta, you have Garuda restaurant which stays opened all night, about 200 meters from Sarinah Mall. The food is Indonesian and quite basic, but inexpensive. In the same jalan Sabang, you have other restaurants which do not close on weekends, in particular Ampera and Warung Desa.

North Jakarta is the best place to find 24-hour restaurant in Jakarta: There are many warungs and street food stalls that will not close along Gadjah Mada and Hayam Wuruk streets, but two places are the best in my opinion:

Kamseng, near Jalan Mangga Besar is a very famous restaurant, both for its bubur (rice porridge) and for its clients (many prostitutes from nearby joints). A lot of people love the food there, but for me, it is fine only after clubbing. Prices are low: Less than Rp50,000 for a meal.

Café Batavia also stays open non-stop, and it is without any doubts the most classy venue of this list. It is located in the Old Town of Jakarta, Kota, and if you've never visited it, you should. The prices are on the high side, at least Rp100,000 for a meal.

Bubur Kwang Tung is harder to find but it is worth it according to many reviewers. They are located on Jalan Pecenongan, not far from Red Top Hotel.

In general, fast food chains like McDonald's, KFC or Burger King are also open 24 hours. McD and BK in Sarinah are usually busy anytime of the night, and the same applies with those in Hayam Wuruk. You don't even have to move actually since they have an efficient and cheap home-delivery service. For that, you can call:
  • McDonald's: 14045 or online here
  • Burger King: 500025
  • KFC: 14022
International chains of convenience stores often have some hot snacks and drinks. Not all of them are hang-out spot, but I know that the 7eleven in Jalan Wahid Hasyim (near Jalan Jaksa) and the Circle K near the BCA tower (on Jalan Thamrin) are popular with late-night clients.

If you know of more places, please let me know and I will add them to this list.

14 comments to '' 24-Hour Restaurants in Jakarta "

  1. I live in Taman Rasuna, very close to Pasar Festival, which is the best spot for late night eats in the Kuningan area (so if you're hungry after closing down Loweys or something). There's a 24-hour McDs and 7/11, but there's also a Warung Tekko (Indonesian rib joint) and a newly opened Middle-Eastern restaurant (Al-Tawar, I think), both of which are quite decent

  2. i think dim sum inc in pasar festival kuningan also open for 24 hr..

  3. Where did warung tekko that open for 24h? Is it at rasuna area or pasar festifal?

  4. It's the warung Tekko in pasar festival..

  5. Dim Sum INC at Pasar Festival (next to Warung Tekko) is a great place. Steamed and fried are all great and the burbur is Singapore style (more like congee). and prices are very good as well.

  6. Dim Sum Inc at Pasar Festival is absolutely the best 24 hr resto. They have cool concept of combining dim sum with complete selections of beer local or imported you rarely see. Their interior is also cool, their music playlist is one of the best i've heard. Price is definitely worthed.

  7. Dim Sum In and Dim Sum Festival, how is it different? I think they don't have alcohol in Dim Sum Fest no?

  8. Izin share gan
    I love it

  9. Warung Teko at Plaza Festival no longer open 24 hour, since their kitchen were on fire couple months ago

  10. Warung Teko at Plaza Festival no longer open 24 hour, since their kitchen were on fire couple months ago

  11. warteg Warmo in tebet open 24 hours

  12. Not all Burger King is open 24-hour but if you call them they can always deliver to you.

  13. Try Kelapa Gading and Sunter areas, most asian food restaurants, located in north of Jakarta

    1. Can you be more specific?
      Im.aware of icera only