The Peak (Bandung)

By Tibs

The Peak is a very famous high-end restaurant in Bandung, quite distant from the town center. If you decide to visit it, you will need at least 1 hour, and you have to make sure you have a ride back home.

The restaurant has a panoramic dining room with floor-to-ceiling glass windows. From there, you can get a stunning 360° view of the surroundings. The only problem is that the weather is not always good so in case of rain, you might not see so many things. Don't come at night also.

The Peak is clearly upmarket and touristic. A meal will cost you at least Rp100,000 if you order local dishes, but much more if you go for western meals with imported ingredients. For instance, steaks cost from Rp68,500++ to an incredible Rp688,000++ for the Kobe beef! You can also choose to have a drink only, and it is very reasonable, for instance Rp21,000++ for a strawberry juice.

Overall, I recommend The Peak for its superb surroundings, even though it is a long ride from Bandung. I also enjoyed the design of the restaurant and the quality of the service. On the negative side, it is pricey and the food is average.

The Peak Restaurant
Jl. Desa Karyawangi Ciwaruga KM 6,8 No 388
Kacamatan Parongpong Kabupaten, Bandung, Indonesia

Phone number: +62-22-2700759
Website: The Peak

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