Katsusei is a Japanese upmarket restaurant, part of a Japanese chain, which specializes in "tonkatsu" (breaded, deep fried meat cutlets, normally from pork). I won't pretend to be a specialist since i had never tried it before, but I found it excellent. It is pretty much gourmet junk food, because even though they use top-quality, imported ingredients, it remains a fat and unhealty dish.

Cutlets (picture from Katsusei facebook group)
 My main problem was not the taste but the price. One menu set will cost you up to Rp200,000, and it is quite expensive for what you get I think. Because of this, I recommend this restaurant only if you are a true fan of Japanese food, and of course of Tonkatsu. Personally, I will not go back and consider my visit a one-time luxury treat.

Among the customers, I could recognize a few Japanese people, so it seems to confirm that the target here is the Japanese expat community.
Opening hours:
Everyday from 10.30am to 10pm.

There are two locations so far in Jakarta:

Katsusei Grand indonesia
East Mall, Garden District 2, Level 5, Unit GD2 #16
Jl. MH Thamrin No. 01, Jakarta 10310
Phone number: +62-21 2358 0060
Fax: +62-21 2358 0059
Email: katsusei.gi@ipw.co.id

Katsusei Plaza Indonesia

Level 1, E19-19A
Jalan Thamrin Kav. 28-30, Jakarta 10350
Phone number: +62-21 2992 3569
Fax: +62-21 2992 3561
Email: katsusei.pi@ipw.co.id

Twitter: @katsusei_jkt
Facebook (with pictures of menu items, promo and more info): Katsusei Jakarta

5 comments to '' Katsusei (Japanese Restaurant Jakarta) "

  1. I agree, the food is good but the prices are outrageous. Fortunately, HSBC credit cards get you 50% off.

  2. great food.. credit cards discounts available as well..

  3. the best cutlet ever..especially with the wagyu cutlet..its a little bit pricey, but the credit cards promo held each month helps a lot

  4. Great Food, acceptable price if using credit cards offers. But last time I took my family here, service was so bad. Had to call and yell at the manager and waiters for their bad services. Not sure what happened that nite, but first 5 visits to this restaurant were superb and very pleasant. To the owner, please kindly re-train your manager and employees to be friendly and treat all your customers just the same. Just because we did not converse in English like the rest of the customers there that night does not mean we are any less than your foreigner or English speaking customers. This may not be the reason for the bad service we got but this certainly what we felt.

  5. Also found one in the basement floor of sentral senayan which is directly connected from plaza senayan.