Birdie (Kemang)

By Jakarta100bars
Birdie, a "beer warung" is a small café, partly in the open-air, serving cheap beer and food. If i was younger this is the kind of bar I would like, with a friendly, laid-back atmosphere and low prices. The food is not excellent, but for a snack it is ok.
Opening hours:
Everyday from noon to midnight.
Happy hours from Monday to Thurday (4pm-6pm): Beer starts at Rp10,000 a bottle.

Birdie Warung Bir
Jalan Kemang I no3
Phone number: +62-21 9127 9207 or +62-21 9222-8666
Facebook fanpage: Birdie Beer House Kemang
Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/BirdieWarungBir

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12 comments to '' Birdie (Kemang) "

  1. Birdie is a nice place to have a beer and snack. But the information seems to be out of date. Thry open from 5pm until early morning everyday. Beers start at IDR 16k for a Anker. Bintang is IDR 18k. Prices are well below other places in Kemang. And they have parking behind the building.

  2. Been at Birdie yesterday. They had a good life band starting at 9pm. The waitress told me thy have a life band every Monday. Drinks were cheap and a nice mied crowd. Bikes and locals. Enjoyed the atmosphere during the night.

  3. Birdie reopened sometime last week. They renovated with complete new 2nd floor, new bathroom and new bar. Still the same nice flair but it looks much nicer now. Will visit Birdie again today. On their Facebook page they posted that they have Live Band every Monday evening starting 8.30pm. I have been on there on a Monday where they had a life band a few weeks ago and the place was rocking! Heard from a friend that they serve Cider now.

  4. They have a new promotion. Buy 3 beer until 10pm and get one free. Kitchen started again with fried rice, french fries and chicken wings.

  5. Was there about 3 weeks ago, they are one of the only places in all of Jakarta that sell Cider.
    It is homebrewed and about 30k a bottle. Quite dry but also pretty strong, I forget how exactly but 6-7%.
    If anyone else has an idea of whereelse to get cider then please append...

  6. They have a new deal. Drink 3 beer and get the 4th for free. Have been there last night. Lively crowd, enjoyed it.

  7. Thanks for every comments... we will try to improves better and better, to keep it rockin'... Actually we don't really have the word " Customer " here, instead we call 'em Family.... I'm the designer and also happens to be the owner too... Cheerz and Saluteee!!!

  8. Birdie started to have good food again.
    Selection of beef & chicken sausages with french fries or potato salad or in a hotdog bun. Prices were IDR 20-28k. Taste was great. And they have Jaegermeister now!

  9. They have special shot prices now. Wodka, Whiskey and stuft only 20k. Had a few too many last night ...

  10. Man I hit a steaks special last Friday and it was quite good indeed. Ribeyes and Tenderloins all you can eat for Rp. 70K - hard to believe. I had three and a half. Organizing a crew for this upcoming Friday already. All of that beef does a body good.

  11. Would like to go and see the place... Any idea what music they play on weekend?! Especially like today?! This Saturday?! ;)

  12. just noticed, they closed the place since august 2013 or even before .... the ramadhan ( fasting month ).
    too bad....