Star Deli is a popular venue for snacks and beer in Kemang, with a Hollywood theme. American owned and American food (burgers, sandwiches, etc.).

 You'll notice that they usually hire friendly and sexy waitresses... Recommended for an easy-going early night out. It is also a good place to meet other expats.
They have a pool table as well and live music on weekend nights (Top 40). Prices are more expensive than the average for Kemang, but still reasonable: Around Rp30,000 for beer and Rp50,000 for hard drink.

Happy hours from 5pm to 7pm. Open every day.

Star Deli
Jalan Kemang Selatan Raya no 5A
Phone number: +62-21 781-8649


2 comments to '' Star Deli (Kemang) "

  1. whats the average rate for x now in there?

  2. Star Deli is not a real pickup spot f or youngish handsome bule. I went there this friday, Lots of sexy girls, beside the waitressess and i believe 90% of the bule got a girl. Most of the girls in Star Deli are not looking for money but just fun with a bule, it is really a place for them to meet a bule for the night.

    Akin to Red Square in it's good days but a very different place and atmosphere.

    I cannot hookup with Indonesian girls even if my life depended on it but that's another story alltogether.