Fu Qing Sanur (Mangga Dua)

By Jakarta100bars
I visited Fuqing Sanur, a Chinese seafood restaurant, a day I was lost in Mangga Dua. Since this area is not very crowded with expats or tourists, I was hoping the food would taste good and would not be too expensive.

The restaurant does not look very pretty inside, but it is clean and spacious.  I came in the middle of the afternoon so there were no customers and I had the attention of at least three nice waitresses. By the time I had finished eating, a few people had came in. I would guess it is a popular place to eat in the area, with most clients being regulars. The name, Fu Qing Sanur is a mystery since there isn't anything reminding you of that Balinese village… Maybe it is a way to tell people they specialize in seafood.

The menu is very long, with mainly Chinese dishes, not surprising for Mangga Dua. It includes shark fins, frogs, abalone and pork, but no prices are mentioned so you need to ask the waitresses.

I ordered the steam fish (Red Snapper), for Rp25,000 an ounce (total Rp125,000 - a price below average). Compared to the other restaurants in Jakarta I've tried, it took longer than usual for my food to arrive, around 30 minutes. As I was the first client, maybe the kitchen was not completely ready. The dish looked fine, without being too original, and I was a bit disappointed with its taste: The fish seemed fresh, but the soup was lacking in flavor.

Overall, I did not think the restaurant was a particular gem. It is a random venue, serving the kind of food you expect, at the price you’ve paid for. If you live in the area, I recommend you to try it, though not for special occasions (dates in particular) because its design is very dull.
Contact details:  
Restaurant Fu Qing Sanur Mangga Dua
Jalan Mangga Dua Abdad No 45 (near Hotel Le Grandeur/Dusit Mangga Dua)
North Jakarta

Phone number: +62-21 659 0880 or +62-21 628 5808
Fax: +62-21 628 5779

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  1. Bus-driver cheap looking diner, totally univiting

  2. Fu Qing Sanur is actually a specific chinese restaurant for the Fu Qing people, who lived/from the Northern part of Fujian Province China, which they called "Hokja" in Indonesia. They eat a lot of seafood and their cooking is a lil'bit tasteless and weird because they prefer the original taste of the seafood"腥“,but none of the FuQing restaurant in Jakarta served really tasty FuQing food,which you could only hv at small villages in Fu Qing, mailand China

  3. Yeah, that's the point here. Restaurants and nightclubs all cater to completely different and sometimes very specific publics. What thrills me maybe won't thrill you. That's why it doesn't really make sense for one guy to systematically visit them all and try to comment on them from his own perspective. It's typical french fashion, braggards trying to claim knowing everything while actually knowing nothing at all. I don't know why there are so many of those French losers here in Jakarta. Probably escaping the misery and frustration of their own country where a true nightlife is non-existent and service is total crap... the French are the Pakistanis of Europe lol.