Dago Panyawangan (Bandung)

By Tibs
Dago Panyawangan is a Sundanese restaurant in Bandung catering mostly to tourists, who come by dozens in Pariwisata buses. This is the kind of venue that local people probably never visit.

The restaurant is a copy of what other touristic places in Bali are like, with bamboo walls, a small pond and gamelan music. If you ask me, it is too big and it definitely lacks charm.

Though I'm usually not a big fan of such venues, I was quite surprised to find that my food was very decent and presented nicely. It remains much more expensive than other similar restaurants in Bandung, but at least you don't eat garbage. The waiter also was very friendly and professional.
Overall, I think there are many restaurants in Bandung that are worth trying before even considering Dago Panyawangan. Yet, if you don't know where else to go, it isn't a bad choice after all.

Restaurant Dago Panyawangan (Bandung)
Jl. Ir. H. Juanda (Dago) No. 137
Cibeunying, Bandung 40132

Phone: 62-22-250 7551
Fax: 62-22-2502161
Instagram: Dago Panyawangan

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