Carlo de Huts (Jakarta)

By Jakarta100bars
I discovered Carlo de Huts while wandering in the Crystal Lagoon, the upmarket food court of the mall Senayan City. It looked like the kind of restaurant I usually avoid: A well-designed concept with mediocre food. They had a few tables outside and I was in a curious mood so I decided to try it anyway.

A look at their menu confirmed my fears: Many popular and easy-to-prepare dishes, a lot of junk food and a twist of marketing to justify the expensive bill.

I ordered the lasagna, with little hope I would be served something decent and I was right: My plate looked very nice, but there was too much cheese, not enough tomato and the meat didn't taste very good. They probably used some cheap ingredients, hoping to make higher margins on every dish. The total cost for my meal was Rp120,000, including a fresh orange juice which tasted ok. I think a normal price for such a meal should not be above Rp80,000.
Overall, I do not recommend you to eat in Carlo de Huts unless you are not picky about the food you eat. I only tried the lasagna so at least choose something else. On the positive side: the service is friendly, the dishes are well-presented, the menu for desserts seems appetizing (pancakes) and the design of the restaurant is original.
Contact details:
Carlo de Huts
Senayan City Lower Ground, Room Crystal Lagoon
Jl. Asia Afrika No. 19, Jakarta 10270

Phone number: +62-21 7278 1653
Email: carlodehuts@gmail.com


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3 comments to '' Carlo de Huts (Jakarta) "

  1. lah bukannya harga keju lebih mahal ye drpd tomat? brati enak dong klo banyak kejunya..

  2. To answer the previous comment: lasagna is supposed to be mainly made from bolognese sauce (fresh tomatoes/beef)= 4/5
    And 1/5 mozzarella cheese

    In Carlo de Huts you have mainly 3/5 industrial soft cheese and 2/5 of overcooked beef (?) and tomato concentrate

    I'm pretty sure it's way cheaper to make it their way.

    But maybe it's the american way to do it and I'm used to Italian cooking..

  3. you should try the grilled beef sandwich or the the oxtail fried rice, those are really good!