By The Beach restaurant is located in Plaza Indonesia/eX, where Fashion Bar used to stand.

I was quite seduced by the design of the place: It is a replica of a sunny, mediterranean beach restaurant, with large windows and wooden floor. They could have avoided the plastic palm trees and some very un-authentic artefacts, but overall, it is a nice looking venue.

However, the food was very disappointing for its price. I tried a cheeseburger with a mysterious kind of bread, and it was probably the worst dish I have eaten so far in a restaurant in Jakarta. My friend had some squids, and she complained that it did not taste better than in most street food stalls. From taking a look at their menu, which features almost exclusively sea-related dishes, i observed that most of them were very expensive in comparison with even up-market dining venues.
A very strange burger...
Conclusion: By The Beach is the kind of overrated venues selling mostly an atmosphere rather than good food. You should avoid it for eating, but you can always come for a drink if you need a change of scenery for a short while. Cost for a meal: At least Rp120,000 (Main dish, drink, + 1 extra).
By The Beach restaurant Jakarta
Plaza Indonesia EX
Jl. MH. Thamrin Kav. 28 - 30
Jakarta Pusat 10350

Phone number: +62-21 3199 0210
Fax: +62-21 3199 0221

Facebook: By The Beach Jakarta

4 comments to '' By The Beach Restaurant "

  1. I've tried its cake, which comes with 3 different kinds in a row. That was quite a surprise to me,tho.

    But I never have its food, now I won't even give it try after yr honest review

  2. sejauh ini gw makan di sini baek2 aja deh.. knapa jadi di suruh "avoid"..?? ngerasa jadi reporter dadakan yeh.. atau bondan dadakan..?

  3. @ Kenzin hahahahahaaha because the quality of the food is rubbish . Just like the most of those nice looking atmosphere restaurants in Jakarta is this an EPIC FAIL .

  4. It's a shame about the original review, because I quite like this place. Admittedly, the quality is not very consistent. I've had some great meals there, and others -- like on public holidays -- where the only "cooking" you could hear was from the ping of the microwave, but had found that if you stick to the simple stuff (e.g. grilled fish), you can't go too wrong. Also, the tofu with shrimp is delicious.