Bumbu Desa Restaurants

By Tibs
Bumbu Desa is a chain of Sundanese food restaurants, popular in Jakarta and in other Indonesian cities. There are quite many branches, at least 27, so I cannot say if the quality is the same everywhere. The one I tried was in Bandung, near Paskal Hypersquare.

Compared to other similar buffet restaurant, I was impressed by the standards of Bumbu Desa. The number of dishes is huge, with around 50 to choose from, and they all looked very fresh. Since I cannot handle spicy food very well, I had to stick to only a few specialties unfortunately and could not give you a fair review. Yet, my friend, a native of Bandung, had only good things to say about what we ate, even though she considered that you will find better and cheaper food in many warungs everywhere in Indonesia.
I guess for non-adventurous expats, Bumbu Desa is worth trying since it will familiarize you with Indonesian cuisine without taking too many risks.
The design is traditional, but modern and comfortable, and the service very attentive. Considering all this, I found the value for money of Bumbu Desa excellent: Rp100,000 for two.
To find the location of one particular branch, you can visit their website: http://www.bumbudesa.com/.

Bumbu Desa
Jalan Tengku Angkasa no7
Dago, Bandung, 40132

Phone number: +62-22 253 4460
Fax: +62-22 253 4390

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