MO Bar (Mandarin Oriental Jakarta)

By Tibs

A relatively new-comer in the Jakarta nightlife scene, MO Bar is an elegant yet rarely busy 5-star hotel bar. 

It looks quite similar to the bar in the Hyatt, Burgundy, with its cozy and dim-lighted atmosphere. But I still prefer Burgundy because from there you have an incredible view over the Hotel Indonesia roundabout.

The prices are expensive, around Rp150k for a cocktail, in line with similar venues. You can also have some snacks (tapas) or bring food from Mandarin Oriental French restaurant's Lyon.
MO Bar a bit empty on a Monday night...
Like absolutely any hotel bars in Jakarta, don't be surprised if you see some working girls in MO Bar.

Opening hours:
5pm to 2am (Monday to Saturday)
5pm to midnight (Sunday)
Happy hours from 5pm to 8pm

Contact details:
MO Bar
Mandarin Oriental Hotel
Jalan MH Thamrin PO Box 3392 Jakarta 10310

Phone: +62-21 2993 8888
Email: Email:

Website: MO Bar Jakarta

9 comments to '' MO Bar (Mandarin Oriental Jakarta) "

  1. I went to the ladies night last Tuesday. Pretty quiet and female clientele close to 100% whores, mostly taking advantage of free drinks before looking for customers in CJs. Probably wouldn't bother again unless I wanted a date on the cheap.

  2. I went there with friends during ladies night and we are not hookers, we are working girl and looking for a fun night, that's all

    not every women in the club or bars are hookers u morron

  3. So I feel like I have to speak up for this place. I am actually writing this while staying at the Mandarin Oriental. I have been into this bar every night for the last 4 nights and I have only seen 2 working girls. Nothing like every other bar in Jakarta. Other than that it has been a calm place to have a few drinks and conduct some business. Very standard classy hotel bar. I hate to see places getting a bad wrap.

  4. I have been here on any other day and its nice enough yet quiet. However as write it is half eleven and well... Let's just say it would give Blok M a run for money. I'm quite amazed

    Expensive- I just paid idr260k for a double jim beam on the rocks.

  5. I am not a hooker, I'm a working girl. lol.

    So no live band here? What's the point of it? Cheap costs but expensive drinks? No thanks.

  6. Hey,I like this bar,especially on ladies nite coz they have 2 djs spinning their music until 2am in the morning.usually I came with my collagues after work hour,only take 5 go there from the office.this place is good for talking shit,drinks & dance crazy after a long day at work:)

  7. Went there twice, last time was back on Tuesday and first time it was back in May. Plenty of working girls. Ratio is about 80 to 90% girls. However, most of them have lost their fresh ages ago (many are clearly way above 40). One or two stunnings, but nothing really extraordinary. I would give most of the girls 4-5 on a scale of ten. Cheers.

  8. "we are not hookers, we are working girl" HAHAHA

  9. most people left here long time ago to the neighboring Face Bar.