De Volvo (Mandarin Singing Hall) CLOSED

By Jakarta100bars

Located on Jalan Hayam Wuruk, in the red-light district of Jakarta, De Volvo is a typical Mandarin singing hall where the male customers come to sing while enjoying the company of ladies much younger than them.

While the place is full of prostitutes, it is rather mild and not shocking. I wouldn't mind bringing my girlfriend here, or even my mom. The main attraction is the center stage where imported Chinese divas sing classic mandarin tunes. Sometimes, the customers join them on stage. To be honest the songs are all the romantic, boring-to-death type, so come with a group of friends to help you stay awake.

The prices are moderate, around Rp70k-80k for a cocktail. Very friendly service too. You can also take VIP rooms upstairs, overlooking the stage. They are all equipped with karaoke.
Overall, I recommend De Volvo Lounge for those of you who speak fluent Mandarin AND have a passion for singing. I posted a video of the venue if you still hesitate:

De Volvo Lounge and Mandarin Singing Hall (ex Bulgary Club)
Jl. Hayam Wuruk No. 72,
Jakarta 11160

Phone number: +62-21 625 9221
Fax: +62-21 628 3829

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/karaoke.lovers

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1 comment to '' De Volvo (Mandarin Singing Hall) CLOSED "

  1. The place has changed name but the concept is the same... It is now called Da Fu Singing Lounge...