Warung Suluh Restaurant Bandung

By Tibs

Located not far from Istana Plaza in Bandung, Warung Suluh is decorated to resemble a traditional Javanese warung. Actually, more than just a theme, the design is the main attraction there, making the place a sort of fantasy land. I’ve been long enough in Indonesia to know that Indonesians love that, probably as much as the food in their plate. My theory is that it is easier to find a good interior designer than a good chef. I know some of you are allergic to those places, but for the others, you will probably enjoy Warung Suluh. It is a well-organized business and a great attention has been paid to details: The design as we said, but also the menu, the marketing, the website, the service, etc.. 

The menu is long and detailed (recommended dishes/level of spiciness). Most dishes are Indonesian/Sundanese. I had the Nasi Krawu and a strawberry juice (Rp50,000 for all). The juice was excellent and I especially liked the presentation of the rice, in a wooden plate with a banana leaf on the bottom:

For Bandung standard, it is rather expensive, but still very affordable and good value if you consider the overall experience. I recommend Warung Suluh, especially for tourists looking for an out-of-ordinary restaurant in Bandung.

Open from 7am to 10pm. Live band on Thursdays.

Adress and Contact details:
Warung Suluh Restaurant
Jl. Dr. Cipto 8
Bandung, West Java
Phone number: +62-22 4212212
Email: warungsuluh@gmail.com

Instagram: Warung Suluh

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