Rumah Sosis (Bandung)

By Tibs

Rumah Sosis, the  "house  of  Sausage"  is  an  institution in Bandung for both locals and tourists. They don’t taste anything close from the bratwurst you would find in  a  real German restaurant, but it’s fine for a quick snack. You can ask for your "sosis" in the entrance, and they will "cook" it in front of you, then put it on a stick.. You can also sit down and eat other dishes (steak, omelette, pasta and more sausage) for less than Rp 40,000.

Rumah Sosis is  also an ideal stop on your way back/to Lembang as you have a playground for children and a pretty garden.

Rumah Sosis Bandung
Jl. Dr. Setiabudi 295 Bandung
Phone number: +62-22 2005123

Instagram: Rumah Sosis Bandung

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