Warung Pasta Resto & Hangout

By Tibs

Warung Pasta is a simple restaurant popular with students (many of them in uniform inside). It is a good spot to eat something with friends and hangout if your budget is limited. You can choose to sit on a table or in one of their sofas. No alcohol is served in this restaurant.

The menu of Warung Pasta has about 15 different dishes of pasta, quite creative, with a little description under it written in student slang. Also on the menu, some baked pastas, "nasi keju" (cheese and rice), pizzas and lasagnas. If you order pastas, you need to choose also the type of pastas you prefer (spaghetti, fettucine, penne, fusili, linguenne, pappardelle), the size of your dish (small, medium, large) and the sauce.

Prices are very competitive, from around Rp 15,000 for a small dish of pasta to Rp25,000 for the larger one. Drinks are more expensive, almost more than the price of your meal (between Rp15k-Rp20k).

About the food, I was disappointed:
- Caesar salad (Rp12k): Very simple and small, too much sauce
- Minestrone: Didn't taste very good, nor very healthy
- Lasagnas: Way too much cheese, I was desperate to find the meat and the tomatoes
- Pasta "Biftrilogy": Ok, a little fat though

The service was nice, as almost always in Indonesia, but not very professional since the dishes were served to us in disorder, and the drinks were late.

In spite of my harsh comments, I still recommend a visit to Warung Pasta because it is cheap, simple and unpretentious. The food is not great, but you'll manage to finish your dish and it won't cost you a lot.

Warung Pasta
Kemang Raya No.54
South Jakarta

Phone: +62-21 719-8582
Email: warungpasta.jakarta@gmail.com

Opening Hours: Everyday from 10am to midnight (1am during the weekends)

Facebook: Warung Pasta Indonesia

They have other branches in other Indonesian cities:

Warung Pasta Bandung
Ganeca No. 3 Bandung
Phone: +62-22 - 2500416

Warung Pasta Batam
Jl. Bunga Raya No.57 Baloi
Near the BCS Mall Batam
Phone: +62-778 - 459 362

Warung Pasta Yogyakarta
Dixieland Ground Floor
Jl. Gejayan 40B Jogjakarta
Phone: +62 274 - 560746

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