Takigawa (Indonesia-wide)

By Jakarta100bars

Takigawa is one of the most famous chains of Japanese restaurants in Jakarta, with location in almost every malls. Their concept is to serve upmarket Japanese dishes in a modern atmosphere, with prices usually above average (expect to pay around Rp90k for a meal + drinks).

As with every chain (Sushi Tei, Duck King, etc..), the service is very professional: Efficient and friendly but maybe lacking warmth. Not all branches are popular: The one I visited in Kemang was very quiet, while it is usually full in Grand Indonesia and Senayan City. The interior design lacked authenticity for me: It is too flashy and modern to make me feel really confortable (I wish they could take down the plasma screen TVs).

Also, the food was very average for the price paid. I had the mushroom wrap soup, almost tasteless, and I didn't really enjoy the Gomoku Kamameshi, one of the most recommended dishes in Takigawa.

Overall, I think Takigawa is a correct restaurant with a trendy feel, but overpriced. Personally I won't go there again, but if you love Japanese food, you should try it.

Locations of Takigawa restaurants in Jakarta: I won't copy and paste all of them here, so I invite you to check their website here: http://www.takigawaresto.com/en/locations.html. Their site also has information about the menu and promos.

6 comments to '' Takigawa (Indonesia-wide) "

  1. Those who really know Japanese food will feel takigawa is really fake..

    It is just another Indonesian japanese food. Just go to any japanese restos in Blok M, they are way better than takigawa

  2. Expensive shit. Do not come here -_-

  3. I mean for the food you can pay for like 25k.
    For lamb to have 100k price, I'm willing to pay. For this? nah.. not gonna happen.

  4. Kikugawa in Cikini is waaaaayyyyy better. with about the same price, but definetely more original since it is owned and run by a Japanese, and with Japanese chef as well

  5. Used to be one of my favorite 3-4 years ago. The quality of the food has dropped significantly since they started to branch out.

  6. Tried their outlet in Kuningan City. Taste was very good but service sucks. Only a manager and a waitress who can not keep up to attend to customers. Even after explaining 3 times that I want the soup as a started and bring my main course separately once I finished my starter they failed 100%. All food came at the same time. Can Takigawa top management start training their waitresses? Next time I will try a different resto.