Queen Rose is located not very far from Bandung Station, in front of Paskal Hypersquare. It is an executive club, meaning a girly/prostitute venue, but not only (at least from my observations). I saw inside quite many lesbians, and maybe some ladyboys too but my friend said they were real women. Not a student crowd, average 35 years-old. No foreigners at all.

Surprisingly for this kind of club, the atmosphere was really fun and easy-going, especially if you come with a group of friends. The club was only 1/3rd full, but most customers were dancing and singing when the live band was on. I think many customers are loyal and know each other so it added to the positive vibe. At around 00h30, the DJ started to play house/progressive tracks: Good sound system, though the music stopped at one point for about 5 minutes for unknown reasons. Another thing worth mentioning, someone tried to offer me some ecstasy. I don't know if it is a common thing in this club or not.

There was a special event the day I visited the nightclub, so I paid Rp100k for entrance, way above average for Bandung nightlife. Ladies get in for free every day. The price of drinks is also higher than the average: Rp 120k for a "Long island", same thing for a "Sex on the Beach".

Video of Bandung nightclub Queen Rose:

Conclusion: I recommend you to pay a visit to Queen Rose only if you are tired with the normal party venues in Bandung (Legacy, Amnesia, Embassy) and if you are fine being surrounded by prostitutes. If you are a girl interested in other girls, Queen Rose is the only lesbian club in Bandung to my knowledge. It was not so crowded so you may want to check the place when they have some special events, you can check their facebook for more information: El Cavalo/Queen Rose Executive Club.

There is also a luxury karaoke in the same spot called El Cavalo, where all the security guards are small people (see photos), which is quite strange. We were told that prices for a karapke room start at Rp50k for one hour, but I know how it works and they always find a way to charge you a lot more than that.

Queen Rose Club/ El Cavalo Karaoke
Jl. Pasirkaliki No.16-18
Komplek ruko Grand Eastern - Bandung
Phone: +62 22-4266231-32-33 or +62-22-92929292-93333333
Fax: +62-22-4224731

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  1. hi! i'm joe from singapore i've been to Queen Rose Nightclub once last year in august i find the place is very cool & i love the club the band boy really friendly & i even sang a song from most popular band ST12 a song call JANGAN PERNAH BERUBAH they played the song dammed well & terrific, i really admires the way they perform,maybe this year i would like to visit the club again.....

  2. @joe : absolutely right come on let's have fun in queen rose.. call me if you come to indonesia...i guide to you....

  3. I visited Queen Rose in May 2011, I went there alone because I was bored at that time & just wanna watch live music. Yes, it was really easy going, I noticed there were some young crowds, buts most of them were about 30 years old. The band was average, skipped by female DJ performance on 11.00 pm. There were some prostitutes (I guess), but they didn't annoyed male guests too often. I didn't notice any lesbian activity there, maybe it only skipped from my eyes. Nice hangout place, despite its location on Bandung red light district area.

  4. hi..YanzCobain I'm going there this march maybe u could help me around there..:)

  5. This place seems to be good.
    Is it easy to meet girl. I from europe and want to enjoy at least one night while I'm here

  6. is it really any lesbianns there?am in bandung for the moment.buut its hard to find lesbians.please tell me where?
    @yanz:do u know any?

  7. is there any place one can pick up a male for the night, will be coming with the wife looking to try new things

  8. contact to me pls kartal19tr # yahoo ca

  9. No there's no lesbian there. I went last night with my girl for some fun and tried to get a lesbian. But nothing.

  10. The place quite empty for prostitute. Any suggest where's any lesbian place in bandung.?

  11. Anyone who will came in march 2020??