Origin (Bandung)

By Jakarta100bars

Origin restaurant is one of the first in Indonesia to be marketed around a healty, organic food concept. As of today, it is more about marketing than about eating real healthy food, but that's a very good start for the country I think.

The interior resembles that of a greenhouse garden, with a lot of sunlight coming in, and abundant vegetation, flowers and plants. It terms of design, it's perfect, but I found it way too warm inside, almost unbearable. The crowd is definitely upmarket, with always at least a few expatriates.

The menu is not as light and natural as the owner would like us to believe: They have cream soup, imported steak, french fries, sodas, etc.. But if you look well, you can find some great recipes. I went for the Turkey salad (Rp24k), the Gurame soup (Rp30k), and the Beef Sandwich (Rp50k). I didn't have very high expectations but I was happily surprised with what I got: The dishes were simple but well prepared, and the ingredients used in their preparation were fresh and of good quality. I would rate Origin as one of the Top 5 restaurants in Bandung for Western food, especially for their sandwiches. My only problem was the warmth of the room. There is no aircon inside and it can be quite uncomfortable if you eat for lunch. I hope they will improve that particular point.

Overall: Recommended address if you don't mind paying a little more than average for your meal (approximately Rp50k). The food is not that green but at least they have some health dishes that are a nice change from our usual "gorengan" (all the fried stuff).

There is also a shop and a café inside the Origin building. The shop is quite interesting if you are looking for 1) Organic products 2) original gifts. Go there and you'll understand why.

Origin House & Kitchen
Jalan Sumatra 21
Phone: +62 22 423 5935
Phone 2: +62 22 423 7984

They have a website with infos about promos and events (still in construction at the time of writing): Origin Bandung

Mail: marketing@originoikois.com

3 comments to '' Origin (Bandung) "

  1. ni blog gak fix kasi comment seenak jidad die sendiri aje.. gak semua org sama ama elu selera juga pikirannya bro..

    dan gak berati blog u kliatan rapih bentuknya trus jadi paling bener gitu..

    gw dah coba ni tempat biasa aja interiornya aja yang kliatan ambisius bngt terkesan kek mo jadi pesaing unggulan gitu di industri cafe atau kek mau ikutin trend2 cafe western yang sekarang lagi gandrung.. just another plagiat place nothing more.. food? horrible..

  2. Hi,
    Nice post you have here, but that first comment is really harsh. No wonder it's anonymous..

    Anyway, I have been to Origin once and I do agree that their place is wonderful. First the Organic little market, and then they also have plenty of cool stuff to sell at the second room before we entering the dining room inside.

    I went there with my big family so I could tasted some of their foods and beverages. Overall they taste good, some were excellent actually! I do recommend this restaurant. I think they have some great chef in the kitchen.


  3. @anonymous : bro, jahat amat komennya dan ga sesuai ah.. Gw dah kesini dan gw rate trmpat ini as one of the collest place to hangout in bandung.