After Cork&Screw, Loewy, Potato Head and Social House, Ninety-Nine (99) is the new chic place in Jakarta (in November 2010). If you want to be surrounded by rich Indonesians and expats, this is where you should go. Since the restaurant is located in the middle of Grand Indonesia, expect it to be full, especially on weekends.

Ninety-Nine is actually an offshoot of the Ranch Market, a supermarket popular with expats specializing in premium, imported, and sometimes organic products. The restaurant maintains that quality reputation and offers some simple dishes using the best ingredients. To me, most of the food is American junk food, but they have some specialties from other countries such as tortillas, noodle soup, pizzas or nasi goreng. It's not always as healthy as it claims to be, but at least it tastes good.

In spite of all that, this is a place I recommend only if you miss western food or if you don't care how much you bill will be. I found some dishes to be completely overpriced, such as the Rp50k caesar salad, which is basically made of five leaves of lettuce with croutons. On average, you will spend over Rp100k/person, but it could be much more if you take appetizers and imported meat. A big surprise came from their pastry corner: I had the choco cake, which was one of the most delicious I had ever eaten in Jakarta.

They have a bar inside and a lounge with an impressive selection of wines (2000 bottles ++), but once again, extremely pricey.
Opening Hours:
Everyday from 8am until 10.30pm.

Ninety-Nine Jakarta
Grand Indonesia East Mall Lower Ground
Jl. MH Thamrin No.1 Jakarta Pusat 10310
Phone: +62 21 2358 1196 (reservation)

More Information on facebook: Ranch Market 99 or their website: Ninety Nine Restaurant Jakarta.

10 comments to '' Ninety Nine (Grand Indonesia) "

  1. they have a great selection of wine tho !!

  2. Was calling numerous times for resrvations. Bloody place don't pick up their phone. Very disappointing and bad first impression!

  3. really good ambience! and very delicious main course and dessert!

  4. eat at 99 restaurant makes me sick ... because the food is so greasy, salty and tasty
    Service???? very long for the food to my shirt, but the condition is very empty restaurant ...........
    Price???? very very very EXPENSIVE,,, not in accordance with the taste of food is not bad ......
    I was disappointed and give up all for the welcome and the food again at 99 Restaurant .... I recommend not to eat at 99 Restaurant ... or you will be disappointed like me ......

  5. Kapok dah makan di 99 Restoran...... ga lagi lagi deh....... Mahal dan ga enak.......

  6. Setuju..... kapok saya makan di restoran itu...

  7. fucking piece of shit, didnt even pick up their phone. tried to call for several times but still, no answer!

  8. Never pick up the phone to reserve a table...the phone line is broken or employees are too lazy to pick up the phone? Is this what you call high-end restaurant???

  9. The taste is personal. When one says, it's good, it's good. When others say it;s not good, it's just fine ... For me, their signature menus are just great. Try crispy knuckle butter rice, bakmi goreng pinggiran, caesar salad ... I never feel bored to eat them. The price? It;s expensive indeed. But we have to pay also for the ambience ....