Maja House (Bandung)

By Tibs

Maja House is my favourite venue so far in Bandung: It is a bar, a restaurant and also a nightclub on weekends, among the most popular in the city at the moment. As with all the places located in Dago, the view is astonishing, especially at night (but very cold, do bring something warm, or rent a blanket for Rp15,000). It is quite hip, so a bit more expensive than most places in Bandung, but it is still very affordable (around Rp90k for an average meal + drink). If you choose to eat outside, which I recommend, take the side overlooking Bandung by night. The restaurant's name is Sugar & Cream and it is part of the Maja house. There, you can lay down on one of its bed, relax, and enjoy the view with lounge music in the background.

My dish, the pan-fried salmon (Rp 68k++) was one of the best western dishes I tried in Bandung. My friend had the American short rib (Rp 115k++)and she really enjoyed it too, even though I noticed the meat was a bit too fat.

Maja House is a little bit far from the center, maybe around 30 minutes from Jalan Asia Afrika, but the ride also is worth it as it takes you in the hills around Bandung. If you don't have a car, we got a lift for Rp 25k from the security guards working here.

Sugar And Cream Restaurant (in Maja House)
Second Floor
Sersan Bajuri 72 Bandung
Phone : +62 22 2788196
Fax : +62 22 2788466

Email :

For more infos about events, check Maja House facebook fan page and

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  1. funtastis! amazing! the right place to get away - QinoBradjakusuma