Legacy (Bandung)

By Jakarta100bars

Quite conveniently located in downtown Bandung, Legacy nightclub (ex-Amare club) is a fun party spot with almost only Indonesians. Quiet during the week, it will be crowded on weekends, especially during the campus nights or any other events organized here quite regularly. The music on a normal day will be a mix of all the popular songs of the moments, RnB, Pop, House, etc.. Not great, but good party atmosphere inside, even a bit wild since everybody's completely drunk. Though it is a heterosexual club, many gays, and even some male sexy dancers on special occasions... But it's rather amateur and fun, it should not be taken too seriously.. At the end of the night, lots of drunk girls dancing on the tables and on the podium, it reminded me of Red Square 5 years ago.. On the negative side: The quality of the sound system is an issue, especially when the basses are loud.

Conclusion: Recommended. Good place to party in Bandung, with no (or few) prostitutes but lots of opportunities to meet someone "normal". You can get something to eat or listen to live music in the next door café called "The Loft" as well.

Legacy Bandung
Jl. Sumatera No. 1
Bandung, Indonesia

Phone number: +62 22 421 2319 // +62 22 422 4663
Email: legacybandung@hotmail.com

Facebook group: Legacy Nightclubbing

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  1. lagu mix apa tuh judul nya yg suka legacy pake? gw lupa >,<