Le Bridge Café (Ancol)

By Tibs

Le Bridge could have been a great place for having a romantic dinner or for hanging out with friends, but the food there is so bad that I will never go back there again. Also, but this is not the fault of the restaurant, the sea in this area is quite polluted and smelly, so it isn't always pleasant, especially during the day. At night, it is better though since we cannot see the litter floating on the water.

From the outside, Le Bridge looks like an upmarket café, located on a bridge right in front of the beach of Ancol. It is a nice sight since it seems to be on its own island, away from the shore.

Inside is more basic, and you may soon realize that Le Bridge is nothing more than a small wooden hut. The menu features mostly snack food or junk food, which I'm not a big fan of. The burger I ordered as well as the fried calamari were so greasy that I felt a bit sick after eating. So disappointing for a venue that could have so much potential! The prices are quite expensive too: Rp30,000 for a smoothie, Rp150,000 for the tenderloin steak.

On the positive side, if we forget about the food, I must admit the place can be relaxing and can help you get away, spiritually, from Jakarta. Actually, it seems to be quite popular because on a Monday night, usually a quiet day, there were around 30 people.

My conclusion: OK to have a drink, but the best thing to do in this area is simply to take a walk along the bridge, and sit down near the beach.

Opening Hours: Every day, from 7am to 11pm (2am on Fridays and Saturdays)

Le Bridge Jakarta
Dermaga Cinta, Beach Pool, Ancol
Jakarta, Indonesia, 14000

Phone number: +62-21 686 667 28

More info on its Instagram fan page: Le Bridge Jakarta

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