Indischetafel (Bandung)

By Jakarta100bars

Indischetafel (Dutch Indies Table) is a kind of "museum restaurant", where the food served is just as important as the general atmosphere. The idea for the owner (also behind Origine) is to give the customer the illusion that he is having a meal in a Dutch-era colonial house, 100 years ago.

I must say that it is really well done and impressive. A huge attention has been paid to every single details, from the traditional costumes of the waiters to how the dishes are written on the menu (lots of "oe", "dj" "ch"). All the rooms of the restaurant are gorgeous and unique. 10/10 on that part.

Concerning the food, the dishes are good value, though priced above average for Bandung restaurants. You should pay around Rp80k for a meal in Indischetafel, but if you take the cheapest dishes, you may eat for less than Rp40k. The menu is extensive, but traditional Indo-Dutch dishes are the obvious specialty. That day, I tried the Lidah Saos Kedjoe (Rp42,500++), the Tahoe Garem Pedes (Rp15,000++), the Poffertjes Met Ijs for dessert (Rp25,000++) and a Blackberry juice (Rp17,500++). The main dishes and the appetizzers were well cooked but did not taste better than anything you could get in the street for a third of the price paid in Indischetafel. Maybe I was expecting something more impressive considering how exceptional the interior design. Yet, I thought that both my dessert and my drink were truly excellent.
All this leads me to the conclusion that unless you are a fan of Indo-Dutch dishes, I recommend you to visit Indischetafel but only for a drink or dessert. In this way, you will be able to enjoy the atmosphere of the place without paying an excessive premium on your food.

Indischetafel Bandung Restaurant
Jl. Sumatera No. 19
Phone +62-22 421 8802

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