Padang restaurants are countless in Jakarta, and you may find one in almost every street of the city (for new comers and tourists, Padang is the name of a city in Sumatra). Most of the Padang restaurants are small street food stalls or simple "rumah makan" (basic restaurants), and unfortunately many expats can be reluctant to try this kind of establishment because the hygiene is not up to their standards.

The Garuda food chain is a good way to experience Padang food because their venues are clean and comfortable, while the general atmosphere and the prices remain close from that of the original Padang food concept.

After seating, the waiters will bring you about 15 different dishes, the most common ones, but you can also ask for more specific ones. Then you will be charged only for what you eat. Padang food is quite hot, though it's not, as many people think, the spiciest cuisine of Indonesia. If your stomach is fragile, ask for a lot of rice, ayam goreng bumbu, sayur, and beef rendang... You should be OK.

My food was excellent, nothing to complain about. I ate for 5 people and paid Rp 60,000. If you don't try too many dishes, the average bill will be around Rp 30,000-Rp 50,000 per person including tea.
Locations and contact details:
Garuda Padang Resto Hayam Wuruk
West Jakarta
Tel: +62-21 626 2944
Tel: +62-21 626 2940

Garuda Pondok Indah
Jalan Arteri Pondok Indah No 79D
South Jakarta
Tel: +62-21 724 6999
Tel: +62-21 724 3316

Garuda Restaurant North Jakarta
Jalan Boulevard Raya Barat Blok XC. 09 No 7-8
Kelapa Gading
Tel: +62-21 458 466 58/60

Jalan Raya Pluit Selatan No 10
Tel: +62-21666 046 66

Garuda Central Jakarta (the restaurant I tried, it is open 24h/24)
Jalan H. Agus Salim/Sabang No 59
Phone: +62-21319 358 81

And there is also one branch in Bandung, Jalan Setia Budi no 60, +62-22 203 2642

4 comments to '' Garuda Padang Restaurant Jakarta "

  1. the best Garuda outlet I've tried so far should be at Hayam Wuruk. At any time of the day the food just seem so good, just out of the kitchen. "kangkung goreng" was very good.

  2. hm, i like Indonesian's foods, this post make me hungry :)

  3. great restaurant-
    i used to eat at their restaurant in medan, on jl.gadjah mada if i'm not mistaken - that one too is awesome.

  4. Another padang restaurant chain that i think is awesome is Medan Baru at krekot, pasar baru. The gulai kepala ikan is very gorgeous but the food's prices are a bit higher than Garuda.