The Exciting Nightlife of Pasar Rumput!

By Jakarta100bars

Pasar Rumput is a great place to visit during the day if you are a tourist or an expat. It is close from the city center, and only 5 minutes away from Jalan Sudirman or Jalan Rasuna Said.

It is one of the biggest traditional markets in the center of Jakarta, and I don't think it will be long before new towers and buildings replace it. It is a bit dark, but still, you can see some very colourful stalls and people will be quite amused to see you wandering in its alleys. Great place to take photos as well:

Surprisingly, it is also a famous area for low-end nightlife, along with nearby Pasar Manggis and the Manggarai Railroad. You will never see an expat in there, nor a colleague, but maybe your ojek driver or your gardener. In Pasar Rumput, you will find everything there can be, just like in Kota's biggest one stop entertainment (except for the spa): Massage Parlours, Karaoke, Discos, Bars, etc.. Prices are extremely low: Rp. 50,000 for a massage, Rp 25,000 for a large beer. I had the chance to meet with the security guards of this night club called Pantura Bar, a venue for dancing and listening to dangdut. It has opened only a few months ago and it is the biggest in Pasar Rumput. It is very basic but not that dirty. I'm sure any night out starting out ending here will be great fun...

Preparing for the Dangdut's evening session

One floor under is where dozens of massage parlours and beauty salon can be found. Apparently most of the tenants are gays and/or ladyboys, which is not surprising since Pasar Rumput is very close for Jakarta's "bencong" district (ladyboy) in Taman Lawang. I don't know what kind of service is provided in the little massage room, but judging from the look of the masseuse I talked to, I would say it is most likely a plus-plus..

You can get a $5 massage here!

I was already surprised to see that the famous "Happy Karaoke", to which I paid a visit a few years ago is still there, as strong as a Viking ship:

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6 comments to '' The Exciting Nightlife of Pasar Rumput! "

  1. Looks cool. Thanks for making discover another side of Jakarta...

  2. Tell me more about the ladyboy massages!! How was it ;-)

  3. The last time I went to Pasar Rumput I discovered 2 new Dangdut places : "Sirkuit" and "Virgo" : Pasar Rumput is becoming a new place to be in Jakarta's nightlife !


  4. I went here on my last visit to Jakarta. You are right in saying people were surprised to see me, stopping and looking, but it was mainly happy looking. They didn't speak english and I don't speak Indo, but there was a lot of smiling. One grl made a jesture that I wasn't very smart because I couldn't speak, but I was friendly and the next day I went back and bought more things in the markets and she looked like she wanted to marry me!??????
    It's a great place to buy shoes (maybe not the best quality), gifts, replacement luggage (supa cheap). You can bargain the prices and write what you wnat to pay. They normally head for the middle ground so start pretty low. Also a GREAT place to buy a different style bicycle and ship it home.

    Hmmm. Ladyboy massages? Well. I had my haircut by a person I think was a ladyboy. A young woman/ladyboy appeared and waited in the salon and the hairdresser asked me if I wanted her to give me a massage. I wasn't sure of her age so I said no. Even just a massage isn't ok if you aren't sure. But the hairdresser dissappeared and came back with an absolute glamour who offered me a madssge. I think the hairdresser (who was a pain) got a kickback. I don't know if the woman was a woman or not but the massage was fine. I didn't enquire about anything else. THe massage room (behind a curtain) was cleanish. So an interesting experience.

  5. Really want to discover another part of jakarta nightlife like this. This is the truly 'jakarta undercover' huh? .... Hahaha.

  6. this is merely the barbershop idea of the orient on display in a run down traditional market (the cement roof even leaks). if one is into traditional mkts, there are a plethora to visit in SE Asia. to say this P4P destination is famous is a bit extreme, whose purpose is to only create empty, happy talk. the price might be for a very few minutes and thus, if you worked it into an hourly rate would be completely different (even expensive); and generally poor service. but, for some perhaps it does have celebrity. the several dangdut bars open around 9, but dont get going til later. a number of girls, but perhaps they are only coyotes.