The Duck King (Chinese Restaurant)

By Tibs

I've never been a fan of large restaurant chains, but since more and more restaurants in Jakarta open a new branch as soon as they have a little success, it is hard just ignoring them.

The Duck King, and its premium version "The Grand Duck King", is a medium to upscale restaurant chain that you will find in upper-end malls in Jakarta but also in other Indonesian cities (the one I tried was in Bandung). It is always quite full because the prices are competitive and the service is professional. You can feel all employees have been trained and that their smiles are not as spontaneous as they look. The clients are quite diverse: Expats, Indonesians, and also many Chinese. If you visit on Friday/Saturday night, or any other busy day, you may want to book a table in advance because it is always full.

The menu is huge (maybe 100 dishes) and colorful, but I decided to go for the duck. I took half a duck + a mushroom soup + two bottles of mineral water and paid Rp 215,000 for everything. It wasn't the best duck I ever had (which was in Surabaya), but I must say I was quite happy with the whole meal and also with the dining experience there. It is the kind of place you want to go for lunch with colleagues or in a business setting, but not really for anything more intimate I think, especially not a date.

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Website: Duck King Restaurant Indonesia

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  1. Excellent duck and not so expensive if you compare with another restaurant offering a similar quality dining experience. I didn't know about the Grand Duck King outlets, I'll check them as soon as I can!