Diritna Lebanese Café

By Jakarta100bars

Diritna is a tiny "mediterranean" restaurant where you can also smoke different flavoured shishas. The type of food available is Lebanese, Syrian and Jordanian. You have an outdoor section, a bit noisy, and a sort of aquarium, more quiet but not really cozy.

Prices are average, in between those of the upmarket Samarra and the value-for-money Beirut Lebanon.

I don't really like the settings, which looks a bit too much like a souvenir shop. It is best just to have a snack there, the meals are not that great tasting. Good falafels.

Open until quite late. Perfect for an after clubbing snack. No toilet.
Diritna Restaurant and Café
Jl. Kemang Raya 16 C-D
Kemang I Food Square

Phone: +62-21 7180854 or +6281806876526 or +6287882074556
Email: khdghazali@yahoo.com
Facebook: Diritna Mediterranean Restaurant

4 comments to '' Diritna Lebanese Café "

  1. I visited this resaturant two weeks ago and I repeat it three days ago Im a fan of mediterranian and middle eastern food my openion that this restaurant gives the best lebanese food in Jakarta its original and home made food what I saw in your photo that you did not order a lot just that yellow plate which looks like a salad and some falafels you should try their BBQ meat and the shwerma its very tasty and good the noise is every were in Jakarta and its cozy to have a food in a souvenier shop, the place is simple but what makes it special the food and the warm welcome from the owner.
    I think you have to visit it once again and try the different plates Im sure you will change your mind.

  2. Why do not write the addres and phon number ?

  3. pretty ordinary food, sure its cheaper than anatolia and turkuaz - but seriously the food doesnt compare and is just ordinary

    also NO alchohol, cant even bring any in from the bottle shop next door

  4. First thing I noticed was how expensive it was compared to similar restaurants in the area. Even more so considering the average food and small portions. Even the shisha was expensive at 95,000 to 110,000, and I had to get miine redone as it wasn't working properly.