Chicken Master (Grand Indonesia)

By Jakarta100bars

Chicken Master specializes in Dim Sum and Chinese cuisine, with some very typical dishes such as the "braised whole pigeon", the "braised whole abalone" or the "shark's fins".

The setting is very simple, almost boring, and for a Sunday night, the place was quite empty compared to nearby competitors in Grand Indonesia (Jun Njan was packed).

The waiters were very friendly but they didn't seem to be very well trained.

Nevertheless, the prices in Chicken Master are similar to those of much better restaurants: A meal will cost you from Rp60k if you stick to a noodle soup to well-over Rp100k if you take a more elaborate dish.

Conclusion: Not recommended. It is good food but too expensive for what you get.
Chicken Master Jakarta
Grand Indonesia West Mall, 5th floor

Phone: +62-21-23758708/+62-21-32280546

For information about promotions and events, you can look their facebook page: Chicken Master.

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