Camden Bar (Bandung)

By Jakarta100bars

Camden has the reputation of being the best student bar in Bandung. It is lively almost every day of the week thanks to the really cheap prices on alcohol: You can order a huge 3.5L beer tower for around Rp220k, and they have a "buy one get one free" cocktail promo from Sunday to Thursday. It is not very big though so if you are unlucky, you may have nowhere to sit, or at least not on the sofas.. The music is usually quite eclectic, with a good balance between popular hits and less famous titles, and the atmosphere can get really fun when people start getting a bit drunk.

Conclusion: Very recommended bar in Bandung for starting a night out, especially if you want to go out during the weekdays.

Camden Bar Bandung
Jalan Trunojoyo No 25
Phone: +62-22 426 5122

For more information about events and promotions: Camden Bandung Facebook.

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  1. Don't know how true this is, but when I googled the place, I found the following.

    "Please avoid Camden. A few weeks ago, some guys dragged my friend out of there while management simply watched, and he was beaten down in the parking lot. Then he was dragged down the street and assaulted by 50-60 people while they yelled racist comments ("bule you're not welcome here, go back to your country", etc).

    If you knew this guy, you would agree with me that he is one of the kindest, most open-minded and friendly people you'd ever met. He was minding his own business at the bar... he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I'm not sure, but I believe there was pent up anger by the regulars at some inappropriate behavior by bules in the previous few weekends (my hypothesis), and they took it out on an innocent person.

    This is not representative of normal experiences in Bandung. Usually I have a great time in Bandung's nightspots, and all the Indonesians I meet are (usually) very cool. That said, it would be wise to avoid Camden, as a dangerous element frequents that bar. "

  2. Camden is a friendly place, no different than any other student bars in Bandung... I don't think the previous warning should be taken into account. It is 100% safe to visit.

  3. Of course these things must be taken with a grain of salt, but the piece reads like it was written by a native speaker. If it was in broken English I would assume competition trying to wipe them out, but still has me thinking. A bit of preemptive local cock-blocking perhaps?

  4. Camden is safe and friendly, no need to listen to everything you read on the web... go there and make an opinion for yourself.. For me: The best bar in Bandung!

  5. i love camden so much lah.

  6. love the price for the beer tower!

  7. last update 29 july 2011. i just came here to my sister birthday, Camden is one of the best bar in Bandung. i love the place, i love the atmosphere and i really love the drinks price! it quietly cheap and some girls who came here lil bit slutty. i really love this place. i recommend this place. my score: 4 from 5

  8. playlist songs di camden tgl 22 / 3 2012 dong
    music nya keren2 abizzz

  9. Will visit april 2013

  10. Dragged? In a place like Trunojoyo? 50-60 people yelling racist comments? WOW..quite an imagination. You should just write a novel. LOL.

  11. trunojoyo is quite road, i am not sure if the story was exagerrated. but there are still probably real, but i am adrressing it as unlucky experience, cause camden isnt a bar you can talk with stranger thou, its place to hang out with friends.

  12. Have you ever visited Camden by yourself, sir?