Update 2016: Caesar's Place has been renamed Braga Rave Club: It has the Consortium Palace Disco, the Renaissance KTV, the Pandora Spa and the Entro Lounge. The review below is not exactly up to date as there has been some renovation work, but the spirit is the same.

Old review:
Caesar's Palace is an old-fashion night club on Jalan Braga. The place is quite cool, with modern lighting and sound system, but the music played is a kind of hardcore techno called funky house or "techno kota". Unless you are Indonesian, you won't like this place. I didn't see any foreigners there, but I can imagine some could be interested by the working girls, quite numerous on the dance floor.

You will also find them in Caesar's Palace's lounge, Entro, or in its executive karaoke, Renaissance:

Entro has live music every night, recommended place in Braga except if you don't like prostitutes.

Renaissance is also a prostitute place, but you can rent a room just for your friends if you'll like (Rp 300k/hour). It is brand new, and designed in a Roman empire style, very popular in Indonesia (think Malio Club, Golmine, etc).

Conclusion: Not a great party place unless you are looking for girls.

New Caesar's Palace Bandung
Jl. Braga No. 129 - Landmark Building
Phone: +62 22 4241462

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  1. I want to ask whether the dasa open vacancy for a bartender?
    may i have your email?

    if there is I will send my application