Beirut Lebanon (also called Ali K. Baba) had been advertised to me as the best value Lebanese restaurant in Jakarta. The place doesn't look very good from the outside, and certainly not like a place you would want to eat in. The interior is better, very authentic, and simple. It is not pretty but you feel that it isn't fake, and that probably if you ever go to Beirut, you will find some similar eateries.

I ordered the hummus (Rp 20,000++) because I wanted to compare it with the one I had in more expensive restaurants... No doubt about it, Beirut Lebanon's was way better. I followed that with a Shawarma (Rp 50,000++) and it was fine also, especially the white sauce to put on it.

Though the value for money was excellent, there were no customers that day in Lebanon Beirut.

Overall, I strongly recommend Beirut Lebanon. Not only the food is good (don't expect great, the best ingredients are hard to find in Indonesia), the waiters are attentive, the service fast and the setting authentic. Surely one of my favourite arab/lebanese restaurant in Jakarta.

Dishes served: Basmati Laham, Kafsa Dajaj, Kafta Kebab, Mushakal Mashawi, Hummus, Tabouleh, Falafel, Couscous, Baklawa, Muhalabia. Also, they have flavoured shishas.

Contact details:
Beirut Lebanon Restaurant
Jl. H. Agus Salim No. 57 (This street is commonly known as Sabang)
Jakarta 10350
Phone: +62-21 31938147

Open every day from 11am to 2am.

The entrance of the restaurant:

9 comments to '' Beirut Lebanon (Lebanese Restaurant) "

  1. looks wonderful!
    i would try this next month:)

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  3. Agreed!The food is amazing!and good value too when compared with some of the other ME restaurants in Jakarta.

  4. nice restaurant at night time and it has nice taste of lebanese food as well , been few times at this place , yes the service is fast and the waiter is so responsive as well . the minus thing is , they always turn on the tv very loud , there is 2 tv on the restaurant and they always turn it on in some comedy show somethin and the the volume is so loud i wonder to whom it was refer to watch it ? the customer seems so busy with their food not even bother to watch the tv. but basicly its a nice place and good taste of food and ur money value as well .

  5. If this is the best Lebanese place in Indonesia there is a problem. Half the menu is from Greece, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Iran and everywhere else. They ran out of Tabouli because they had no parsley. All the people in the joint were Indo's. I am Lebanese and the food was not authentic. I was not happy with the menu nor the food.

  6. i was in vacation last year and i eat my lunch in this restaurant the location is nice the decoration wonderfull but the food ?????????
    i think you must change your chef ........
    the servece was nice also
    thank you

  7. I tried this resto couple weeks ago, at the first me and my friends were hesitate to came in.
    the place look old, with the furniture and all the chairs.
    the foods taste good in there. I really like the lamb, it was great..
    but the food size kinda small lol

  8. im looking for staff to work with me in my new restaurant to open soon in jakarta

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