Baruna Seafood is a Balinese chain of restaurants, with one of its outlets located in Jimbaran. The atmosphere in Jakarta is quite different, but for expats who have been stuck in Jakarta for too long, eating in Baruna may at least bring back some happy holiday memories...

The restaurant is organized around a pretty Balinese garden, with a small pond, tropical flowers and decorated tiles. There are a few different areas, some outdoor (the nicest ones), some indoor with A/C. There is free wifi everywhere.

The menu is moderately priced. The specialty of Baruna is grilled fish (Ikan Bakar) so I went for the grilled Kakap Merah (Red Snapper) which costs Rp 60,000++. The presentation is excellent: They will bring your fish on a wooden plate with a banana leaf inside, and the sauce and the spices. My fish was a little small compared to the red snapper I had in Bali, but it tasted just as fresh. I also tried the Bebek Betutu (duck, Rp 60,000), a spicy Balinese dish with the duck cooked in an aluminium foil. Delicious.

We took some expensive dishes so we paid Rp 100,000 each. The average should be less, around Rp 70,000.
Conclusion: Recommended place to eat in Jakarta. Not too expensive, not pretentious, good Indonesian and Balinese food, well presented and in a relaxing setting.

Baruna Ikan Bakar has a live music show in its outdoor garden (pop/jazzy vocals with keyboard) every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday night.

Restoran Baruna Ikan Bakar Jakarta
Jalan Kebon Sirih Timur Dalam No 37
Phone number: +62-21 392 1333

Opening Hours: Monday - Sunday from 10am to 11pm.

6 comments to '' Baruna Balinese Restaurant Jakarta "

  1. Went there on a Monday night. No one there, but lord the fish was good.

  2. plan to go there this afternoon.....with my big family. Hope the taste as good as it looks like at this adv.

  3. Went there on a Fri night at 7:30. It was completely dead. The tables were bare. The staff looked embarrassed. We walked out. I can't justify the risk of eating seafood in a place with no customers. How old is the produce?

  4. As of August 2013 this restaurant is now CLOSED, and has been taken over by Melly's Garden Bar. They still have the sign out the front, still lit up, but Baruna is no more.

  5. Last post is wrong.
    I was there today, its still well and truly open - but for clarity the front section is Mellys and the resto is Ikan Bakar.
    The food is great, loved the cumi cumi, the rest was good too.

  6. Closed :(((
    Replaced by a very basic warung style menu, no seafood on the menu...