Huize Trivelli Restaurant

By Tibs

Huize Trivelli, which can be translated as "the House of Trivelli", is located inside a beautiful Dutch-era colonial house built in 1939.

The restaurant is more recent (2006), but it get most of its inspiration from this heritage, by offering its customers great traditional Indonesian food, in the setting of an old house full of antiques.

As the family of the owner used to have ties with the Dutch elite, the food is also influenced by the former colonizer. You won't eat in Huize Trivelli dishes that were eaten by the masses, but rather the kind of food that rich Indo-Dutch families were cooking. Among such dishes, the most famous is the Rijsttafels, a celebration of the diversity of Indonesian cuisines.

Surprisingly, the prices in Huize Trivelli are moderate, making it one of the best value restaurants in Jakarta for such high-quality standards (max 60,000rp/main course dish). You may have to wait for a bit though.
To impress clients or relatives visiting Jakarta, I think it is an ideal restaurant (and a more original choice than the classic Batavia). Nice outdoor terrace with a small garden.

Practical Information:
Open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m (Tuesday to Sunday)

Contact details:
Huize Trivelli Jakarta
Jl. Persatuan Guru No. 7 Jakarta Pusat 10160

Phone: +62-21 3865803
Email: or

More information on its website Huize Trivelli.

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  1. address is not correct such as most addresses posted on your not useful website as must do double work to find out about addresses and most of the time the way you type address cannot be searched by Google map... most of the time you don't put zip code...

  2. Dear Philip, do you think you are my client and I owe you something? If you are not happy with the information I give, you can help me update it or shut up and go somewhere else.

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  3. Like your review!

    I think I should take a visit sumday.. :D