Cherry Massage Parlour & Spa

By Jakarta100bars
Cherry Spa is located in Lokasari, in one of Jakarta's red light district (other areas in Jakarta include Ancol, Little Tokyo and Kalijodo.

They have a spa with sauna and steam room. Prices for massages are cheap. All girls do plus plus (handjob or sex). Some are quite pretty.

You can choose your girl in their lounge, which is quite crowded with girls. They have a DJs and a lively atmosphere on weekends.

Cherry Men's Spa & Massage Parlour
Jl Mangga Besar Raya 81
Jakarta 11170

Update 2016:
There is now a branch in South Jakarta in Grand Wijaya Complex: Cherry GranWi

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  1. wow...great..

    i will be staying at kempinski...on 21 Jun

    from my hotel to cherry is quite far?


    belang men

  2. Cherry Spa Price List
    ‎​‎Room & Massage for 90 mnt :
    Standart. : 100
    (Small room with curtain)
    Vip. : 130
    (Door, AC,Shower Box)
    Vvip. : 150
    3Some. : 250
    (Door,AC,Shower Box,TV)
    Fasilitas Only: 50
    (sauna, hot & cold pool, Lounge n Bar)
    Ear Candle. : 30
    Scrub /Lulur : 40
    Service. :
    Hj : 50/100
    Bj : 100/150
    Fj : 200/250
    Bm : 200 (not including FJ )

  3. The place was not so good. service was not too bad. But its cheap

  4. its good but the girls are only for sex not realy a message center..

  5. JakartaPijat_ExplorerDecember 18, 2011 at 4:03 AM

    Tried this place out last night... In terms of the quality of the girls it's actually very good. I found it better a lot better than Berlian and Kartike. I took a Body Massage - price 420k rupiah.
    She spent over an hour and a half with me. Good btob followed by hand treatment, and fj to finish.
    I took her number, she want's to go out clubbing, so may de that.
    Thoroughly recommend it as good value for money.

  6. Updated price :
    VIP : 170 (single mattress, 24 inch flat TV, shower)
    Deluxe : 250 (double mattress, 42 inch flat TV, bathtub)
    Spa and sauna only : 50

    The lounge where you pick your therapist is very cozy. They provide wine etc. Be sure to emphasize if you are looking for real massage for some only sell their body.

    Good thing here is few can really massage.
    I got one with foot shiatsu skill (this place got shiatsu pole on the ceiling)

    Drink is quite pricey but acceptable (juice 30k, bottled water 5k)

  7. BM = Body Massage
    mean the girl massage you with their body

  8. Been here twice very recently. Still the same price (170K and 250K). The facilities (jacuzzi, steam room, etc) were ok, while the 250K rooms were great as they were quite new.

    In my 1st visit the girl was really really cute (based on Indonesian standard), saying that she was only 19. Massage was so so, but the extra was good. Her being really friendly was a plus.

    My second experience wasn't as good as the first. The girl was only ok and seemed to be in a rush (both the massage and the extra). The good thing about the extra was when she licked my whole body and ended with a BJ (w/ protection, of course).

    Among those with similar price that I've tried, this place is one of the best in terms of facilities and therapist/girl options.

  9. I have been there last night even in Puasa period.
    Unfortunately Spa and Massage was closed. Only karaoke was operated. For myself alone karaoke room was too big and girls were too many. Then I decided come here again after lebaran holidays. it must be better and more reasonable.
    On the way back to my hotel Old lady called me 'Shaoche, Shaoche!'. I asked her Shaoche(=young girl) di mana? She replied 'Come with me.'. What was surprising me was more than 10 young girls who just arrived at Jakarta from China are waiting in dark street side. They can't speak English nor bahasa at all. Deep inside Mangga Besar is still quite interesting to me.

  10. what about safety ? I mean raid from police and FPI??

  11. Been there several times. For me it's just perfect. The lounge is quite OK. Bar with 2 steel poles (maybe they have sexy dancers perform there). The display all the ladies in the lounge, so there's no gamble at al. No surprises when suddenly the girl you see in the room look so different with the picture shown by the PRs. You see someone interesting, you ask the PR to call the girl to approach you. If you like her then you could continue your "adventure", if you don't, you can always choose another.But if you don't feel like getting a massage (or the extras), just sit at the lounge, enjoy your drink (they serve alcoholic beverages including cocktails with acceptable price, not exactly cheap, but certainly not a rip-off). The PR will not push you to choose a girl (unlike some other places I went to).

    Liked the massage there, and also the "extra service" afterwards. Certainly a place a will return to when I visit Jakarta again.

  12. Visit this place last night.The prices are as follows:
    Deluxe room 250k
    Girl 300k
    Pocari Sweat 25k
    Unknown Drink ordered by the girl 125k
    Condom 15k
    Tips for the girl 50k

    Total 765k
    The room is clean. The girl is 5-6/10. The massage is so-so. The BJ and FS is 6-7/10.
    If you folks want a BJ and FS in a clean room and do not really care about the message, Stadium or Sumo SPA is the better choice than this place.

  13. The captain is a bencong...there is even two waria..Choose a madura lady..Great sex but no french kiss and only CBJ. Paid 400K to her, and another 200K for deluxe room, discounted.

  14. these places in Lokasari are generally not very good. you are paying for a service, which may, but probably not, happen. in addition, it is setup so that you go in with a base fee, meaning you are probably going to be coerced for bigger money, part way thru the service, by usually undesirable attendants. the end price can be quite high, and thus many other options come into play in the city, which are better. but, some like to pay high prices for poor service.

  15. how about 2 girls

  16. The girls (more then 8 counted) are around 19 - 27 and slim. Total cost 450k idr inclusive tip for 2 hour full service.

  17. is there a hotel service massage here near crown plaza with ES?

    1. yes in Glodok Plaza Hotel.. Please check: