M Star Hotel Lounge & Spa (CLOSED)

By Jakarta100bars

M Star is a new one stop entertainment venue with lots of facilities (sauna, steam, hot/cold swimming pool, gym, bar, disco, lounge and massage parlour), but only one objective for the clients: Get a girl... It is a little more expensive than Terminal Classic, but cheaper than Malioboro (from Rp. 450k to 700k).. It opened in June 2010 so it is still very new. They have sexy topless dancers starting 20h every day on the 5th floor.

MStar is open from 1pm to 2am every day.

MStar Hotel - Spa & Lounge (in Front of WTC Mangga Dua)
Jl. Gunung Sahari Raya no. 2
Komp. Marinatama blok B 3 - 10
Mangga Dua - Jakarta North

Tel: 98500373

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27 comments to '' M Star Hotel Lounge & Spa (CLOSED) "

  1. what is the matter with you agus?
    are you some crazy mad maniac about cctv?
    or are you trying to rob or plan to do something criminal on this site

  2. wakkakaa.. lol.. this agus is hillarious... I think he meant hidden camera in the room (not CC TV on the counter). He is afraid somebody might be recording whatever he is doing in the room...

    He must be a public figure, either a well known politician or religious leader who doesn't want to get exposed like Ariel Pornpal... : )

  3. Hello Guys, please post comments with date: Mach07,2011.

    please any comments on prices and quality of this place. ?

  4. this is a very very good place in the world hahaa... awesome!

  5. Pls give additional information. How much does it cost for each type of massage?
    The normal one, the extra service one and the full service one?

  6. guys tau tdk sexy topless dancernya at room only or di barnya jg ada.

  7. more comments please.. sound interesting..

  8. I went there today lots of malaysians younger crowd which is nice. the price is LOWER than stated its 300k for m1 local girls and 550 for premium. i picked premium and i had my pick of the girls since no one was high rolling. girls were much sexier than Fm1 700k girls.

    I got bbbj and dfk gfe with great service and my girl was great definitely. Spa facilities are not as nice as others but the girls were great. The price is great

  9. when i went there (several months ago), a really, really hot & gorgeous dancer really turned the crowds on. a plate full of tequila shots emptied all by her alone. i forgot her name, it was like cindy something.. i wish i can go upstairs with her, but isnt allowed by the manager.

    about the girls.. basically this place is less crowded than Classic Terminal, which means the girls will be having more free time, which means they will give better service with more energy! haha

  10. how safe are ones money and valuables in these kind of places?

  11. Anyone know where is the best for b2b massage?

  12. So... after many reviews on this site and other forums i finally decided to hit this place after getting some work done.

    i initially had Malioboro in mind then i thought again, in Singapore where I'm based, i pay SGD 150 for an hour session with a really hot PRC in Geylang, and I'm spoiled by choice.

    There are also online pimps that provide Thai girls ranging from SGD 100 to $180 for an hour and a half (some are pretty hot). Then there are those providing Western girls and even korean ones ranging from SGD 150 to $250.

    So I'm not going to go out hunting when i have such accessibility in Singapore.

    I decided to hop into a cab to M Star with Malioboro as a back up.

    I can't speak the local language there, so on the ground floor, the receptionist thought i wanted a massage and started quoting me. I told her i want "full service" she kept saying "no fuck"... the other receptionist kinda knew what i wanted so jumped in and said, "you want fuck on 2nd floor"... i followed the thumping music, it was about 930pm when i arrived. Went in the the bar/lounge and was greeted by 4 girls dancing and swaying the the music which was deafening. In there a mamasan approached me and brought me to the far right where the girls were seated. She offered them at 300,000 Rp for 1 and 400,000 Rp for a 3-some. I took a look and used my google translator to ask for more premium girls. Unless you want to stick your cock with the same crowd. As we headed back out to the elevator, the girls around me started to touch and pinch my nipples playfully. Its a fun place if you are with a bunch of mates but i was alone.

    Went to the 5th floor where it was more like a easy music lounge and the girls there were alot better.

    Saw one that was stunning named Juita and the going rate was 550,000 Rp including the room for an hour. Went in and got the job done.

    It was fun though we could hardly communicate but thanks to google translator, it made it more fun.

    I found out she was only 20 years old and she had such an awesome body, tinted hard down to her waist. It was a good fuck, simple BBBH and various fuck positions.

    Room was so-so... it was on the 3rd floor and vibrating to the beat of the music from downstairs.

    After the job was done, went down, took out the card the recept gave and paid in cash 550,000 with no tax.

  13. @anonymus September 8, 2011 11:36 PM
    i heard some ppl lost their valuables (mostly entry cards/ entry bracelet) which makes you pay a lot of compensation money if that thing gone. but i never heard such case in mstar. but just stay alerted because they are working, not having fun.

  14. enough said; Mstar is the choice.

    Was alone, wed 2300+, was bored and wanted some gf feelings, so just go in without any preparation / research.

    The building facade is .. average, does not reciprocate to the fun I had in there.

    Quite crowded, 5 customers at the reception. No one in the counter seemed to understand my England, .. was given a plastic card with number printed on it. Some fat chick behind the counter tries to explain to me when I showed her a whats-that-thing look.

    Somehow I suddenly turn clever and seemed to understand what she explained! I grab the card and walk towards the lift where i see a small sign that describes the different levels.

    Having some back injuries, I deemed massage is not a choice for me. In fact, I was not really out looking for a full servicing; I could be just as satisfy if I get my beers and a chatty chick.

    Turn left and head for the lounge at the second floor. fyi, i am not a really horny guy. The music is on the loud side, with techno and house beats. DJ-ness had a bit bashed looks .. guess she did not get her climax this morning ..

    Seated myself at the open seating area, a MILF came upon and starts blaring in some unknown language. Then I ask "Cekup English?" .. she said "Girls?" .. I said "Show me the good"

    She led a few average looking girls to me, I took a few looks at them and was not impressed with the choices; some small boobs, some not smiling, one with a good size boobs, but I think i look ugly to her - she was showing a unhappy face to me when I looked at her .. maybe i look too much at her boobs .. lol

    I told the MILF, "I think I'm not good enough for your girls, I will just have my beer" .. She ask "no english, dun want?" .. then she proceed "I give you english speaking mina"

    Indeed I was presented a mina .. sweetest smiles i had ever seen. young looking with that GF looks. her name is ni-ah ..

    I nodded and she sat next to me and cling to my arm like what a loving GF would do.

    I turned my head and asked the MILF softly "how much?" .. she siad "300 thousand for girl and 1 hr room" .. in my mind, its acceptable ..

    Talked and she was really my tpye .. 1.55meter tall, chatty, long hair, long lashes, chearful smile that melts my heart .. the only problem: small boobs .. being a tits-man, I would had not move further with her .. But she really give me that GF looks.

    We went up .. the rest are censored for posting ... no rush, no pressure, no hooker feeling, everything is allow, she is wet too.

    Total damage: 470000 idr. cheap .. 2 beers, 3 milos, 1 plate of fries, 1 plate of nuggets and one satisfying GF feel.

    She stayed by my side till 2 am where they close. Really happy with her performance.

    The only draw back: never take any transport offered when you stepped out of the place. Walk and grab a 'branded' taxi would be a better choice.

    I think i will look for her again tomolo if time allows .. after all, I am here to work..

  15. Hi. How much do they charge for massage? Does that include FS massage? Plan to go there next week.

    Thanks in advance.

  16. Man I just cam from there awesome place!!! I bought one drink & the rest if the time this dude kept filling
    Ynglass with some type of vodka. It was pretty good considering I don't drink vodka. I am a scotch drinker. But when the club was closing inpocked out a bitch and fucked the shit out of her and nutted all
    Up in her. She didn't seem to mind. Then came out & payed 421 idr. All in all a GREAT time!!! There were naked dancers on stage throughout the night too!!

  17. hi there singapore-based anonymous dated Sep 24, 2011 - can u please direct me to the online pimp offering Western Girls from SGD150 to 250?

  18. Place is OK. Was there the other night.
    Cheap Girls are 300/350K expensive ones are 600K. Only have Bali High beer. The naked dancers start at 7pm or 8pm in the sauna (topless) and at 8pm or 9pm in the bar upstairs. First time I have seen an Indonesian with a cigarette in her pussy. Full of Chinese. No one speaks English. Most girls the mama san took over for me were not into it...guess its cause I am a bule. Wasin the Malioboro (think thats how it is spelt) much better but also much more expensive.

  19. i will be short trip staying in jakarta central, is it convinience to visit the MStar massage on thursday night? As this is my first time visit (alone) and i need some tips if i would go there alone.

  20. Is credit card allowed or they only take the cash ?

  21. I went there satarday evening . ground floor is SPA , 1st floor is disco open at 8pm , the other floors rooms. i went to spa then asked for massage , it is not cheap about 300repu for spa and 1.5 hr massage . they give me only one girl i asked for another but they said they are busy ! not sure how true is that . anyway i took that girl which is skinny in early 20s but not pretty massage was so so , agreed for 300repu for extra include bath cat and FS. about 8 pm the diso opened , 2 groups of gals one with pink or red dress charging 550 repu others with no specific color for 300repu
    i didnt find those gals worth 550 so i took the cheaper ones which was ok , agreed for 2 times fs in 1 hours , tipped her 50 repu

    all local Chinese ..if u r foreigners they will show u unattractive gals.. abit unfriendly girls and stuff compare to other places.. not wide atmosphere .

    not worth travel to mangga dua , classic hotel is better

  22. Many comment about boring and unfriendly are true,well...there are maybe 40 girls to chose there,ugly and fat,so-so,cute with great body,i had an experience with maybe 3 girls,all of them was so boring,unfriendly,before that all of the girls seems easy smiling,but now many of them had shitty behaviour,if the manager still allowed those girls work in there it may ruined their club's reputation,in late 2011 I was a regular visitor,mostly a came with my gangs,just to hang out,had some snack,beer and watch striptease dance,some of my friend go up with a chosen girl,others just havig fun,but those days are gone now,all of us would never come back,it just because of the girl's bad reputation for treating their customers like shit and very choosy,i had told several times to their mamasan about some of the girl's shitty behaviour,and mamasan can't do anything about it,well is that is the best they can do,surely all of my gangs would never come back,i think many guys would do the same after treated like shit by the girls.no surprise everytime we come customers are become fewer and fewer.
    Now my gangs had new place to hang out,it's Classic Terminal's 5th floor and Hotel Travel,tons of great girls and cheap,sometime we come to Malioboro and Alexis,they're great but expensive.

    If the owner or manager of M Star read this you should take it seriously if you don't want to went bankrupt because of your girl's fucking bad and stupid behaviour toward your customer.

  23. I agree with davids comments...the girls are plain rude. They are in the ultimate service industry, sulking and being surly will lead to the business closing. It's cheap but I won't go there again.

  24. Replies
    1. google maps says permanently closed.

    2. Nov 13 - closed.