Anatolia Turkish Restaurant Kemang

By Jakarta100bars

Update August 2011: Since the Chef in Anatolia has opened its own restaurant, Turkuaz, I've heard the food is not as good as before here. I'll try to confirm as soon as possible. You're welcome to comment.

Anatolia restaurant is one of the only venues in Jakarta where you will find excellent authentic Turkish cuisine. Opened in 1999, it has gained a very good reputation among Jakarta expats and locals for maintaining high standards without being (too) expensive (Rp. 150k to 200k for a three-course meal). Specialty dishes include: Hummus, Ekmegi, Turkish coffee and Sebzeli Dolma, with all ingredients coming from organic vegetables from Kem Farms. Alcohol is served too.

The decor is completely traditional, with Persian carpet on the floor and some artefacts on the walls like porcelain and blow glass pipes. Everything is discreet but feels really authentic: You never think you are in a caricature of a Turkish restaurant.

You have belly dancing shows every night Friday and Saturday. The dancer seemed to be an Indonesian girl, but since I don't know how Turkish girls look like I cannot tell you more... You can also finish your night by smoking shisha.
Opening hours:
Every day from 11h30am to 10pm (11pm on weekends).

Awards: It has been awarded many times the title of best restaurant in Jakarta, in particular by Tatler Indonesia. Currently, the chef is Turkish, Mr. Sezai Zorlu.

Anatolia Turkish Restaurant
Jalan Kemang Raya 110 (A)

Phone number: +62-21 719 4668 or +62-21 719 4617

You have some more photos on its facebook pages and groups: Anatolia Restaurant, Turkish Dining

7 comments to '' Anatolia Turkish Restaurant Kemang "

  1. I love the atmosphere in Anatolia! As the writer said, this is the best middle-easter/turkish food in Jakarta!

    Must try: the Enginarli incik!

  2. they realy use hygiene ice,nice place...

  3. The Turkish Chef Sezai Zorlu is no longer with Anatolia since April 2011, he has opened his own restaurant called Turkuaz on Jl. Gunawarman No. 32 Kebayoran Baru, since July 2011.

  4. i hav been there yesterday. the place is absolutely worth to visit. i ordered the 160k set menu and enjoyed a lot. i dont say food is super good, but it is totally reasonable in the price.

  5. "Hi,

    I am posting because, having eaten last week at Anatolia, I feel that
    in fairness to the restaurant and its Executive Chef, you should
    revise your opening, August 2011, comment and the restaurant details.
    Bad reviews, when justified, are very helpful but outdated, inaccurate
    or unsubstantiated comments or reviews can seriously, and unfairly,
    affect a restaurant’s business so I hope this review will help
    re-dress the balance.

    As I had never visited Anatolia before, although I had read reviews
    for it, I am unable to make comparisons of the food before and after
    the previous Chef. However what I can say is that, having travelled
    extensively throughout Turkey and having lived there for an all too
    short period of time, the food is authentically Turkish and as good as
    you would expect to find in a top-class restaurant anywhere in Turkey.
    The following is background information that I gathered during the
    course of my visit.

    Kevser Zorlu, current the Executive Chef who succeeded the previous
    Chef, Sezai Zorlu is, albeit of no relevance, his ex-wife and she
    stepped in after he left. Kevser Zorlu had previously provided the
    private catering for the Turkish Embassy, where I guess they know a
    thing or two about quality Turkish food, as well as having been Chef
    Consultant for Maroush restaurant in the Crowne Plaza Hotel and was
    one of the select group of Chefs invited to participate in last
    month’s 2012 Jakarta Culinary Festival - so I would argue that her
    credentials certainly stack up.

    So, with those credentials, what is the food actually like.

    Well the Mezze for one plus a selection of Turkish breads, for
    140,000Rp, will certainly keep a party of four happily occupied until
    their main courses arrive. The variety of whole lamb shanks (Incik) on
    offer are all about 200,000Rp and mine was so tender that my old
    toothless granny could have eaten it with no trouble at all. Chicken
    (Tavuk) and fish (Balik) ordered by my companions were also very tasty
    and cooked to perfection – I know because I could not resist trying
    them all – and all are between 70-100,000Rp and come accompanied by
    authentic Sehriyeli Pilaf rice. As for desserts I could, sadly, only
    manage to try the mouth watering Baklava at 48,000Rp as my companions
    were too full to order more! However the desserts i saw heading
    towards other happy diners all looked mouth wateringly delicious.

    If you have never tried Turkish food before, or are unsure as to what
    a particular dish is, then just ask any of the serving staff as they
    are very helpful and have been trained by the Executive Chef to know,
    and to be able to explain, all the dishes on the menu.

    The belly dancing provided during the evening by the dancers who are,
    indeed, Indonesian girls, is once again authentic as the Executive
    Chef learnt, as all Turkish girls do, to belly dance as a child so you
    can be assured that she has checked that the actual style of dancing
    is what you would see anywhere in Turkey.

    A thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining evening, with quality food
    throughout, averaged less than 150,000Rp a head excluding any alcohol,
    and left me with a desire to make a quick return – even if checking
    out Turkuaz proves to be an equally enjoyable experience."

  6. Was there in the end of november 2012 and all I can say is 1 BIg WoWWWWWWWWWWWW. Clean non fat meat and raki as it should taste. Absolutly worth visiting.

  7. It is closed and currently the building is for sale. Does anyone know that will it reopen somewhere else or it is closed for good?Thanks