Ya Udah Bistro and Die Stube have a new competitor. Paulaner Brauhaus is the most upmarket German restaurant and Brasserie in Jakarta and it is part of the luxury Kempinski hotel. It is in a central location within the Grand Indonesia mall, just next to Social House.

It is almost always busy, any day for both lunch and dinner. The crowd is a mix of expats, business travelers and Indo-Chinese customers who seem to enjoy the non-halal pork specialties. They serve a complete menu that includes any kind of sausages you can think of. One of their most popular dishes is actually a huge sausage platter that costs Rp140,000.

Another major draw for Paulaner is their home-made beer. They have an in-house microbrewery that produces an authentic German beer, among the best in Jakarta.

There is a live music schedule every evening except on Sunday, starting 9pm. Don't worry, it's not German music. The equipment is modern and there is a small podium for the band to perform. The restaurant also holds special events to celebrate some Bavarian festivities, such as the Oktoberfest or the Asparagus week.

Even though it is part of a large chain, Paulaner Brauhaus is a simple place with nothing luxurious. It is a convenient, lively place to drink some beers before going to clubs.

Opening Hours: Every day of the week 11h30am to 00h30am (1h30am on weekends)
Paulaner Brauhaus
Grand Indonesia Shopping Town
Floor 2 - East Mall
Jl. MH. Thamrin No. 1
Jakarta Pusat - 10310

Phone:+62 21 2358 3871
Fax: +62 21 2358 3807
Mail: paulaner.jakarta@kempinski.com

Website (with full menu): Paulaner Brauhaus Kempinski
Facebook: Paulaner Brauhaus Jakarta
Instagram: Paulaner

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13 comments to '' Paulaner Brauhaus German Restaurant "

  1. March 2011
    Try Die Stube in Kemang. Great German food with a good price tag! Nice atmosphere.

  2. Paulaner Jakarta is dying.
    No more beer brewing there. A real pitty. Not sure but to me it seems the people who started the place underestimated the dedication of the local govt to stop anyone from making Jakarta a modern cosmopolitan city (such as by allowing a microbrewery - the list is endless, of course).

    Why Singapore is always so much better in everything?

  3. We went there alot when there was still freshly brewed Paulaner beer, which was excellent, though prices were pretty steep. Food is allright, more or less authentic, but the main reason to go was actually the beer. What angers us is the fact that they still advertise the non existent beer on their website but instead sell local Bintang at almost the same price. Very annoying and reason enough to avoid the place.

  4. Cannot agree more with previous comment about the beer. Freshly brewed beer is the only reason that you want to go there. Food is below average, and the service is way below average.

  5. paulaner jakarta is organized by hotel indonesia kempinski, so it's make quite expensive.

  6. Smells like a story of someone (i.e. Kempinskis local owner) overestimating his own power.
    How can you dare to open a B R E W E R Y in Jakarta if everyone knows that manufacturing of alcoholic beverages is on the "negative list of investment" of BKPM totally closed to domestic and foreign companies!
    No one gets a license for Brewing here, but the existing ones can still continue (Multi Bintang and so on).
    This mess is courtesy of FPI (happy to enforce on behalf of the nation and pressure the lazy politicians to pass such rules) and B.J. Habibie (who initiated this law, if I am not mistaken).
    Paulaner Germany looks like a fool to give their name to this ridiculous place it is now. Standard Beer, poor food, Bretzels that smell like a bottle of Betadine...
    Its a clear non-recommendation for now. Better you sit at Ya-Udah over the same beer at 1/3 cost and over much nicer food.

  7. Feels like something must be very sophisticated inside when we passed the small alley as the enterance from the mall, but in fact, what i found inside was nothing too special....ordinary but pricey for meals. Think twice to step back here .....

  8. Very average and heavily overpriced for Jakarta. In the basement is a ranch market. Better to buy your own ingredients and prepare at home. Quality will be twice as good and cost less than half.
    I'll try the other ones mentioned, but will not return here.

  9. Closed on 31.12.2012. They will reopen sometime early 2013 on the 2nd floor in the same building.

  10. Yes, that is true, but it will not be soon. Opening will be in July 2013.

  11. Its was supposed to be open months ago, no doubt the owners are being squeezed for cash off corrupt officials, this is the reason they were shut down and made to move.

    Ow what a place to invest corrupt Jakarta!

  12. I could not have said the same myself, like all ex pats companies in JK the Indo authorities and crooks corrupt to the core I bet they are really trying to screw them good style.

    Invest in remarkable Indonesia my F*$king ass.

    I am here for cash and go, its a shame coz most of the people are great, just its in the culture to rip everyone off.

  13. Maybe them big sausages were against the law?

    OOw Mr Pauliners, making too much money let me have my grubby hands on it.

    Remember what the sign says at the airport GRAFTERS WIL BE PUNISHED

    what a joke!