Club 3 Degrees Christian Bar (CLOSED)

By Jakarta100bars

No smoking, no alcohol and only "clean" music: That's the worst concept I have ever heard for a bar, and it is that of Club 3 Degrees.

This "club" is not an entertainment venue, it was opened by a Christian religious group in order to "reach [the] city with the gospel in non-traditional ways".

Another word for that is proselytism. To be honest, i wonder what is the agenda behind this thing but I don't like it one bit. Just like I wouldn't like going to a Muslim club or a Jewish club, I won't go to a Catholic club either.

I don't blame the owner for wanting to drive the young generation towards a more positive lifestyle, but I think it is a wrong conception of life to start with. I believe the nightlife is a way to achieve a certain balance in life, by letting yourself free from rules for a short period of time. There is nothing wrong about it as long as you are mature enough to know what you are doing. It can be painful sometimes, but it is part of life also.

As a lover of dark, dirty and smelly nightclubs, this is a no-no for me and I cannot imagine anyone who could go there to party.
Update: The place is closed now. I guess I wasn't alone to think that.

Club 3 Degrees
FX Lifestyle X'enter Floor 7
Jl.Jendral Sudirman
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+62-21 81510564342
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1 comment to '' Club 3 Degrees Christian Bar (CLOSED) "

  1. The King of JakartaJune 7, 2012 at 10:04 PM

    Some like to build up the repression so tight and so all consuming that when they finally explode it's ruthless and relentless. You know, like all of Indonesia. The ones who benefit the most are the Bules. I love this country.