A newcomer in Jakarta's nightlife, Murphy's Irish Pub& Restaurant is the first of its kind in Kemang and it is actually owned by an Irish expat.

Compared to other places in Kemang, Murphy is a little more "mature", not only attracting youngsters but a wider crowd of expats and locals from all ages. The warm interior and the friendly staff will make you feel comfortable upon entering the doors. Food is served all day, and I recommend you to try the house specialties: The Guiness Casserole, the Handut Chip and the Irish stew. If you come on Friday or Saturday night, a live band is playing starting 10pm. The rest of the week, you have a mix of Irish songs and classics.

Murphy's Pub is also a great place to watch sporting events thanks to its 150 inch screen TV + 5 other large plasmas. At last, they have a cold room, which I think is unique in Jakarta, in order to enjoy your beer cold all the time.
Contact details and practical information:
Murphy's Irish Pub Jakarta
Kemang Raya No. 11
South Jakarta

Tel: +62 21 718 3382

Open every day from 11am to 2am. Happy hours: Until 8pm.

Website of Murphy's Bar: Irish Pub Jakarta
Photos taken on Murphy's facebook fan page here. Check it for more information about promos, special events and the sports schedule.

20 comments to '' Murphy's Irish Pub & Restaurant (Kemang) "

  1. Irish Bar without draught Guiness... Tsk tsk :(

  2. hey there love this place very friendly people well everyone but not this one dutch guy the fat thing lol anyways enjoyed my night there friendly people Niice!!!... Doubled the i because i loves it!!!!!...

  3. A disgruntled clients on St Pat's celebration.
    I would like to officially report a complain about the inappropriate behaviour of your doorman/securityguard/SATPAM on the evening of St. Patrick's Day-17th March 2011(Thursday).

    Me(Aman Durga Sipatiti)and my partner arrived at about 8.15-8.30pm and got stopped at the door by your doorman by the name of Hilman. He insisted in explaining to us that the place is totally full and that we could not get in - unless we had already a table reserved or had friends inside. We were still
    arguing with him since it was only the two of us, when a group of foreigners, about 5-7 people, walked past us freely and entered into the venue. So we argued with Hilman, how come he did not stop these foreigners. This was when I mentioned for him NOT to be RACIST knowing that we are locals!
    After raising our voice and arguments, Hilman just let us in without any comments. Also we noticed that his female supervisor who stood by the door and near by where we were, just watched and said nothing. She was a short hair with a stocky built person. Complete useless of resources!

    The mood of celebration was tainted and we were very disappointed by what happened. We like Murphy's because it's the only authentic Irish pub in town and your bar tenders and your waitresses are so nice and genuine. We came there for a number of time and enjoy the ambience. But look what happen when you don't brief & train your doorman and supervisor properly. Check on twitter & facebook timelines, your establishment mentioned was all over the globe. Please don't take it lightly as a good and free advertisement!

    When we decided to leave the place a couple of hours later, I specifically approached Hilman to check on his name tag, so I can write this complain properly. On this occasion, he apologized profusely to both of us.

    We demand for Murphy's to act upon the specified employee properly. This is NOT an acceptable behaviour and manner of a good customer service.

    ps. An Irish Pub without Beamish Beer, Killkenny Beer, Murphys Beer & they were running out of Guinness at 10:30 pm. So Embarrassing....


    Aman Durga Sipatiti

    Janti Wignjopranoto

  4. haha yup, 10:15 they ran out of Guiness on Patty's Day! Tsk tsk indeed!

  5. didnt have a good time there, the music was too loud and the service's plain horrible plus amazingly rude waiters. any of your waiters understand "personal space" ?
    leave a guy with his GF be and stop coming over asking this and that?

  6. I don't believe Murphy's is set up for big crowds. Saturday rugby quarter-finals was prime example. The place was packed and the poor staff were totally over-extended and couldn't cope. My meal took over an hour to arrive, waitresses lost track of who ordered what, beers took forever to arrive, my partner waited 45 minutes for a Coke Zero, and a friend's bill contained almost twice as many beers as they hed counted between them. Otherwise, a nice place to go when it's not packed.

  7. not a bad place to have a drink...But i wouldn't order food there..Overpriced and absolutely no value for money. My friend ordered Caesar salad with Prawns..She got a plate with bit green stuff in the middle and 4 Prawns on top...Price RP 90K ++

    Loud music.....

  8. Went here on a Wednesday night. The crowd was mostly made up of 30+ y.o. Not sure about the food as I didn't order one. Moderate drink price; Guinness cost me 40K, I'd say that's the atmosphere premium: the place is undisputably Irish and the pub owner was a friendly one, and that's despite the fact that I'm a local and I came alone by then, which means I would usually get overlooked elsewhere in my circumstances. Will defo come again if I have friends to drink with.

  9. One of the best places I have been too in last 6 months....staff are friendly, crowd is mixed, music is good, food is good..Overall the place has atmosphere that is rare in Jakarta....
    Interior looks authentic, similar to most irish bars....
    A little smoky when busy but not a major thing....
    Overall - great place for cold beer with friends...Will be a regular....

  10. great place, best Kilkenny in Jakarta...

  11. When will you have guinness draught?

  12. Yeah! We need irish pub! Definitely stunning ambience!

  13. Great place....too many peas in the cottage pie, but hey, if thats all you have to worry about....
    Definitely go again!

  14. Draught Guinness now available here....

  15. Went there a couple of Days before St Paddys. Preety Crowded, as said from the poster before, with a mixed Crowd, Older and Young.
    For me , Service was fast and friendly ,and the Food was good! Will go def. again.

  16. Band is great here on Saturday night, singer is really good...

  17. i like murphys but before the manager resign,, now is very horrible there..

  18. Not tried this place yet but have tried the sister bar Molly Malones, Really enjoyed my meal and the Guiness was excellent. Can't believe that a local who had problems getting in would call somebody Racist.......Perhaps
    Aman Durga Sipatiti should try taking a bule to a national park and see how much we get charged compared to locals...maybe then he could make demands from real racists. Get a life.

  19. Went to Molly Malones today to give the breakfast a try. I am a Chef from the UK and for me this was undoubtedly the best breakfast I have had in Jakarta. Great value for money and very good service. Will definitely be back for more.